Tip: turning a Windows 7 device into an Apple Mac OS X clone

If you are like me and you love the look of Apple’s Mac OS X yet cannot justify spending almost $2,000 (if not more for a laptop).  If you have an up to date Windows computer you have some options.  While looking to make the Acer review device I have more visually appealing I came across this theme.  Windows X Live has a full line of themes for Windows 7 with my love of the look of OS X this was by far my favorite.  I couldn’t pass this up.


The installation couldn’t be easier, just hit the Download link here or on the link below and it’ll take you the the simple download process. Once done, you’ll find it in a .zip in which you could use WinZip or any other unzipping software you use. Inside you’ll notice an application, just double click it to start the install process.

 Make sure, to uncheck that box if it is clicked. You’ll have not only some graphical issues you may also have issues that leave you unable to click to install a program and unable to keep going as seen in video below. Also, if you use the Ctrl+Tab button when you are browsing online, make sure to uncheck the one that says, Expose as that will also break it. It will give you a view of all your Windows you have open to click on.


Once installed, you’ll notice that you now have RocketDock a highly customizable application launcher with a vast number of themes available from both the RocketDock website and 3rd party websites like deviantART allowing you to further customize the look. The theme is clean and runs fast with no lags or glitches to be found yet. It’s based on Cupertino’s most recent version of OS X (Lion).  As you can see from the photos below, everything changes over to make it look like a full blown Apple Mac OS X computer, with a significant drop in cost (even with the premium pricing found on Ultrabooks).

Source: nirmaltv

Disclaimer:  Gadgets and Background do not come with theme.

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