Interview: Philly Startup: ManCaveKingdom Can Help Any Man Build A Man Cave

Over the past few decade, club rooms, great rooms, dens, basements and garage’s have been transformed into “Man Caves”. After a hard day at the office, or after the kids are in bed, men often seek solitude in their man caves, surrounded by the things they love. Man caves can be inspired by a favorite sports figure, Nascar driver, music, entertainment, comic books, technology, toys or whatever a man desires. The problem is, so many men want a man cave but they don’t know where to start or where to buy the stuff to put into them.

Some men have taken great pride in accompanying their significant other to yard sales and flea markets. They brush aside the crystal vases, fine china, books and clothes. They have an eagle eye out for things to go in their man cave. Maybe an autograph of a favorite sports star, or a record album from the sixties, whatever it is curating the man cave this way can take a very long time. Many people don’t have the time. That’s where Joe Chiaccio and come in to play.

ManCaveKingdom has you covered in every way possible, in an interview Chiaccio tells

“ManCaveKingdom helps guys design & decorate their Man Caves. We are online at We feature personalized Recommendations, a professional interior designer, custom Man Cave designs, over 20,000 items in over 70 decorating themes, and exclusive content & articles.”

While most men focus on their own man caves we wanted to find out how Chiaccio came up with the idea, it’s really a unique idea for a startup?

“I saw a window, so I went for it. I had been kicking the idea around for a little while because I knew the opportunity was there, but it really got jump-started a few months ago. I inherited a 1920s billiards table that goes all the way back to my great-grandfather’s trucking company, and a basement speakeasy. It’s a family heirloom and the anchor piece of the Man Cave that I’m building in my basement.”

“Once I had the table re-commissioned, I started looking around online for decorations and accessories, and I was grossly underwhelmed by the whole shopping experience. It seemed like the Man Cave market was being treated as if it were a joke. It most certainly is not. Guys take their Man Caves very seriously, and I knew I could build a solution that caters to them. Chiaccio told “

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Does your wife, girlfriend, significant other think this is crazy (because its really not)?

“Does she think the idea is crazy? No way. Actually we are finding that the overwhelming majority of women are supportive of the idea of a Man Cave. From the woman’s perspective, it makes perfect sense. Think about it: give him a place where he can keep his stuff, make a mess, and do what he wants. She gets the rest of the house and you can’t make a mess of it. It’s win-win all around.”

“Does she think I am crazy? Probably. Every entrepreneur is crazy in some way, right? I’ll say this: behind every good entrepreneur is a great woman. My wife is the rock in my life and I am very blessed in that regard.”

So while some men take pride in years and years of acquiring just the right stuff for their man cave, you’ve simplified the process immensely for the busy professional, is this the idea?

“That’s one of the ideas, yes. The thing is, each Man Cave is so unique, and so are the methods in which one builds it. You can get everything in one fell swoop, or you can gradually gather things, or do a combination of both. In each case, we’re there to help him put it all together.”

ManCaveKingdom Founder Joe Chiaccio and his pool table that started it all (photo: mancavekingdom)

How long have you been around?

“I’ve been in eCommerce in early 1999. I was fascinated with the concept of it. I started by selling rare sneakers to Japanese collectors via eBay and other private auctions. I’d find them in the most dangerous areas of the city. It was some real Indiana Jones-type stuff and it paid my way through college. After that I spent a few years with building a successful start-up. Then came the recession and that changed everything. I’ve spent the past few years vetting new ideas, doing consulting work and getting more involved in the Philadelphia start-up business scene.”

Is this your first startup, if not what are your others?

“This is my 5th start-up. My first, I was a trash picker. My late uncle and I rode around in his van & trailer at night. We knew the trash cycles of every neighborhood in a 5-town radius. We took the furniture and collectibles to auction, and the scrap metal to the scrap yard. You had to have a real sharp eye, move quickly, and get out early to beat everyone else.”

“The second, Jersey-Joe, is an eCommerce store for licensed sports apparel and team merchandise. The third, Victory Commerce, is a company which specializes in eCommerce consulting and business development. The fourth is Man Cave Kingdom. The fifth is baking and isn’t quite ready for unveiling yet.”

Is this a long term project for you?

“Yes, definitely. Just how long term depends on how successful it will be. I’m feeling confident in that regard.”

Bonus Fun Question: do you have a man cave and if so can you give us a pic:

“Yes, I do. It’s in my basement and it’s a work-in-progress. Amanda Burke, our Head Interior Designer, is planning it. It holds a billiards table, TV room and my NASCAR die-cast model collection. No pictures yet, but stay tuned.”


If you’re building a man cave head over to ManCaveKingdom now

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