Day 2 Has Started At Hollywood Hack Day At io/LA

We are here at Hollywood Hack Day, on a gloomy Sunday in Hollywood California covering what has turned into 70+ programmers from all over So Cal into one place. The idea behind Hollywood Hack Day was to bring Media and Tech together into one. With sponsors like Rovi, ToxBox, Mashery, Rdio, Spotify just to name a few, the programmers here have been coding all throughout the night.

We’ll be covering all the goings on today as well as later tonight and tomorrow have full videos on all the pitches and the winners as the night goes on.

One of the more innovative  aspect of this weekends Hackathon is the inclusion of a Design Bar (“Genius Bar” Instead of Mac Professionals) this one though has support and design assistance when called upon by hackers looking for a little extra support or feedback. Brought to you by The Uprising Creative the collective minds  who are behind some of today’s top Artist.


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