We Interview Ari Rashti Of StartEngine And Angel Vision Investors

Over the past weekend, I was able to interview Ari Rashti, from StartEngine and Angel Vision Investors. We where able to talk to him about how the Los Angeles Tech Scene has come and gone, and then coming back again. Along the same lines we dug deeper into why LA hasn’t seen as many hot startups come from here, as well as the valuation disparity we have from the Bay.

With Silicon Beach Fest coming up, we also where able to talk about the up coming events. The Hackathon, and the panels as well. So make sure to check back with us later this week not only for SBF but also our live event on Thursday which we cover StartEngine’s Demo Day.



To find out more about StartEngine click Here

Also, make sure to check back with us on Thursday June 21 at 2pm PST for a LIVE broadcast of StartEngine, and Silicon Beach Fest Demo Day…


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