Brad Feld Talks About His Rise To The Top

Eric Strait, Tech Hustlers So who is Brad Feld? Well, if you are in the startup community and don’t know who he is, then I forgive you for living under a rock…it must be awfully dark under there. Okay, take a breath…because he has been to the mountaintop and back! So before Brad became a startup entrepreneur

Handprint Selected For Brad Feld’s Fiber House

What do Brad Feld, Kansas City, and Google Fiber have in common?  Well combine them all together and you have the subject of a social experiment that Feld is doing to further the startup community in Kansas City. Kansas City was the second city in the United States to get 1 gb fiber available to

Startup Arkansas Launching Friday March 1st With Scott Case & Brad Feld

Tis the season to launch Startup America Partnership regions. Monday we were in Atlanta for the kickoff of Startup Georgia with Scott Case and So So Def CEO & Founder Jermaine Dupri. Now Case along with Startup Community activist, investor and author Brad Feld are preparing for Startup Arkansas’ big launch on March 1st. While

With A Little Help From Brad Feld, Montana To Host First Startup Weekend

Sure Montana isn’t the first state that we think about when talking about startups and startup communities, but obviously there is something going on there as well. The most exposure many “techies” have gotten to Montana was the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper runs away to Bozeman Montana after his apartment is

Have You Tried Brad Feld’s Version Of Hacker News? The hub at Startup Revolution

Have you tried out Brad Feld’s version of Hacker News? Most everyone in the startup community is familiar with Y-Combinator’s Hacker News. If you’re not, it’s pretty simple, it’s like Reddit but rather than all news it’s just hacker news. Most of the community contributed stories involve hacking, coding, design, development and startups. One of

Brad Feld On “The Boulder Thesis” VIDEO

Author,founder, entrepreneur, investor and all around startup evangelist Brad Feld was on hand in Chicago on Tuesday for the Startup America regions summit. Feld is one of the founders, and Managing Director of Foundry Group and has been enamored in startup culture for over 15 years. Feld’s latest book “Startup Communities” was published earlier this

How To Turn Ordinary People Into Angel Investors

Think of America’s most entrepreneurial city. Chances are Kansas City didn’t come to mind,but that’s exactly what the city began calling itself to communicate the importance of building a startup community. Kansas City, Iowa City, and Boulder, Colo., are just a few examples of organic startup communities that have all the ingredients of big tech

Where Do You Go For Quick Tech Advice?

Question: Your absolute favorite place to get business tech advice in a pinch? (e.g. Quora, Twitter, etc.) Why?   Hop Onto HubSpot “When I need to learn about business tech in a hurry, the first place that I always look is HubSpot. They have a very complete knowledge base on all things related to Internet