Jacksonville Startup EventHash Is Tracking OneSpark’s Social Graph [video][onespark]

According to Elton Rivas, co-founder and executive director of OneSpark, since Wednesdawy there have been nearly 80,000 people on the streets of downtown Jacksonville. By our non scientific estimate we dare to say he is probably right on! So with 80,000 people on the ground and just as many keeping up with The World’s Crowdfunding

Jason Belanger, Founder Of Florida Startup Lokal Muzik Interview [OneSpark][video]

Last May we featured an interview with Jason Belanger right as he was launching a new proximity based local music aggregator called LokalMuzik. A year later there seems to be a lot of startups that are entering the space in a variety of ways. Take Aurora for instance, also a Jacksonville startup, their app helps

Meet OneSpark Creator: OneForte A Knowledge Market Place [video][onespark]

Knowledge and learning are big markets in the startup space. One Forte, is a Jacksonville based startup, that’s a market place for knowledge.¬†OneForte Using One Forte’s platform anyone can sign up and say what their skills are. Skills can be anything from guitar playing to tax accounting and anything in between. After a person adds

A Green Record Label and A Pedal Powered Recording Studio [interview][onespark]

Florida Green Records, bicycle powered mobile recording studio was definitely one of our favorite creators at OneSpark the World’s Crowdfunding Festival. We interview co-founder Ryan Wilson and get a cool tour of the mobile recording studio on video. Check out the story, video and pics by clicking the link above.

An Educational MMORPG, We Chat With Lindsey Tropf CEO Of Immersed Games [video][onespark]

Educational video games and online games have been due for a disruption for quite sometime. We’ve seen startups like Memphis’ Seed Hatchery alum, Knoco, innovate by trying to bring back the story line based games like “Where In The World I Carmen San Diego”, while that’s a great idea, the storyline concept wasn’t brand new.