Chicago Startup Personify Merges Human Interaction With Digital Content to Make Presentations More Personal

We’re still far away from teleporting technology. In the meantime a Chicago startup called Personify has found a way to make remote presentations more personal. Using depth sensing camera’s like the one found in the Microsoft Kinect, the company’s product called Personify Life, puts someone giving a presentation as close to being in the room

9 Ways Co-Working Can Help Your Business Grow

Question: Share your best anecdote/lesson from co-working and how it helped your business or brand grow. New Clients All Around “I work regularly at coworking spaces. I routinely land new clients through a quick chat, especially since in a coworking space, I can immediately show the person sitting next to me exactly what I’m working

The Evolution & Future Of Chicago’s Startup Ecosystem

In the past decade, Chicago’s technology community experienced incredible growth. Much  of the community’s success was driven by the strong history of big business in Chicago and the emergence of key stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. While the Chicago startup scene is still relatively young in comparison to some other U.S. cities, the community’s key

Chicago Startup WeDeliver Puts A Winning Spin On Deliveries

At first glance WeDeliver, a Chicago startup, looks like a hybrid between your typical delivery service and a courier service. That’s probably because it is, with a twist. WeDeliver connects local businesses to their customers by providing same day delivery of products and goods. Sure delivery and courier services aren’t new, but crowdsourcing the service

Nothing Is Stopping Bad Ass Startup Chick Denver Hutt And Now She Has A Website About It

  Just yesterday our managing editor Monica Selby penned this piece about taking some downtime. It’s good for you, your mental sanity, your health, and even your business. As I read her post, it made me think of the very important lesson we all learned back in May when Bad Ass Startup Chick Denver Hutt

We Talk With Chicago Startup SimpleRelevance About Simple, Personal Email

Chicago startup SimpleRelevance has been on the startup radar for quite some time. Back in May the company, founded by Chicago serial entrepreneur and founding team member of iContact Erik Severinhaus, raised $1 million dollars. While there are several companies out there vying for the position as your mass emailer, SimpleRelevance has found a way