Rawporter: Nitty Gritty Raw Citizen Journalism

By: Andrea LeTard, University of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student To startup co-founders Rob Gaige and Kevin Davis, news is news, and it’s spreading fast with their website, rawporter.com. “Rawporter.com helps people earn money for the photos and videos they normally post on Facebook and Twitter,” said Gaige. “Think about when you see breaking news or you

CES 2013: Nibletz Will Be Rawportering From CES 2013 And Eureka Park

Imagine if you could make money by simply taking video of something newsworthy with your smartphone. This new form of reporting is called citizen journalism and startups like Charlotte NC’s Rawporter are at the forefront of this wave of crowdsourcing the news. Rawporter was founded in 2011 by Kevin Davis and Rob Gaige two marketing

Charlotte Startup: Rawporter Raises $300,000 Seed Round With Two Inaugural Investments

We are very excited to report that are good friends, and longtime supporters of Nibletz and our previous ventures, have raised a $300,000 seed round. Rawporter is a socially driven market place where citizen journalists can post their photos and videos of interesting news events. Rawporter has an e-commerce platform built in where users can

We Caught Up With Charlotte Startup Rawporter At The DNC 2012

While we were at the DNC 2012 we got the opportunity to crash at the Rawporter crib in Uptown Charlotte. Rawporter co-founder Kevin Davis, recently relocated to New York to help grow the citizen journalism startup. Rob Gaige, the other Rawporter co-founder remains in Charlotte to continue their grassroots efforts in their hometown. For those

Charlotte Startup: Rawporter Strikes Exclusive Deal For Libyan Coverage

Citizen Journalism startup Rawporter has reported some very exciting news themselves. The Charlotte based startup has announced that they’ve teamed up with freedom fighter and journalist Matthew VanDyke, who will provide 1st person perspective of the newly liberated Libya, for Rawporter users around the world to use for footage. “Weʼre excited to participate in this

Charlotte Startup: Rawporter Talks About What DEMO Was Like

Our good friends Kevin and Rob at Rawporter were among the startups that presented at DEMO last week in Santa Clara. We reached out to many of the startups that were coming from “Everywhere Else” to DEMO to talk to them about their experience and what it is they were doing. Rawporter is an app

Rawporter Roadshow: We Stop In Chattanooga, TN To Talk Gig City And Gig Tank

Chattanooga TN is quickly becoming know for a lot more than just their “Choo Choo”, there is a tech scene forming in their close-knit community that plans to disrupt the rest of the U.S.  One of the backbones to their tech scene is “the gig”. That’s how the Chattanoogians refer to their 1gb fiber optic

Rawporter Roadshow: We Talk With Ric Fleisher about Urgnt.ly And The DC Startup Scene

As the Rawporter Roadshow continues we got a few minutes to sit down with serial entrepreneur Ric Fleisher about his latest startup urgent.ly.  Fleisher has had several successful exits and is proudly working on his current startup that came about out of necessity. Fleisher found that as more and more location based service startups came

Rawporter Roadshow: We Talk With Venga At The Fort In DC

We’re still going strong on our Rawporter Roadshow stopping in and talking with tech companies and startups from “everywhere else”. We spend some good quality time at Fortified’s “The Fort” accelerator in DC. We already brought you our interview with NexGame and now we’re spending some time with Sam from Venga to talk about Venga

DC Startup Profile: Next Game Because Nothing Is More Social Than Sports (Rawporter Roadshow)

We’re in the midst of the Rawporter Roadshow visiting with startups and checking out tech everywhere. While in DC we stopped at the Fort accelerator where we met with Next Game. NextGame thrives off the fact that nothing is more social than pick up sports. With Spring in full swing millions of people will be

Rawporter Road Show: Biometrics Associates Encrypted Bluetooth Technologies

At the government technology show, formerly called FOSE, in Washington DC we got a chance to talk with Biometrics Associates. This company has developed some very cool encrypted Bluetooth technologies that are implemented in military and government uses. Their first product is a card reader that, when attached to a smartphone, allows apps that use

Rawporter Road Trip: FOSE 2012: Browse Aloud, Just Like The Name Says

While you’re perusing across the internet consuming web page after web page and moving as fast as your fingers will type you may not stop and think about the 45 million people in the US who have literacy problems. You may not consider the 10-15% of the population with a learning disability or the 18%

Rawporter Roadshow: FOSE 2012: Motorola Mobility Shows Off 1GB Indoor Fiber Networking

We’ve all heard of FIOS right, and we know the value and speed of a fiber optic network? Well on our Rawporter Roadtrip we got to spend some time with Motorola Mobility to talk about something other than Android phones. That something is a blazing fast in home or in office networking product that uses

Rawporter Roadtrip: Fose 2012 Check Out What SF Based Startup Nixle Is Doing For Communities Everywhere

On our Rawporter Roadtrip stop at the FOSE 2012 show in Washington DC we bumped into the guys from Nixle. Nixle is a new platform that allows municipal agencies like the police, elected officials, and county governments to quickly communicate with their residents in emergency situations, for community announcements and to keep people informed. When