Dallas Startup: VIPOrbit Named Number 1 By i.Business Magazine, To Be Featured At CES

We first reported on Dallas startup VIPorbit back in June as part of our Chicago Tech Week coverage.  VIPorbit is a robust relationship management system for iOS devices founded by ACT co-founder Mike Muhney. ACT is the original Customer Relationship Management software, that paved the way for companies like SalesForce. VIPorbit users organize their entire

Chicago TechWeek: ACT Co-Founder Mike Muhney Is Back, And This Time It’s Mobile: VIPorbit

Many people in today’s business world especially the cusp of Gen X and Gen Y take for granted the contribution that Mike Muhney made to the way we get things done. Muhney is the co-founder and co-creator of ACT. ACT was one of the first complete CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software companies in the world.

Impatience Fuels Another Wait List Startup In Chicago

Impatience is one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs try to solve with their startups. Last year at Chicago TechWeek, we saw two different startups tackling the problem of waiting in line: NoWait and LineChop. The problem is very simple, especially in large cities like Chicago. Come Friday or Saturday night, the last thing you

Mike Muhney The Godfather Of CRM & 22 Others To Speak At Chicago TechWeek

Customer relationship management, or CRM has been big business since the late 1980’s. Sure these days everyone is very aware of Salesforce the cloud based CRM solution, but before there were clouds, the internet, mobile devices and salesforce there was ACT. ACT was the standard in CRM solutions starting in 1987. There are thousands of

Mike Muhney: Business Is A Contact Sport, Your Mobile Device Gives You A Competitive Edge

Business is a contact sport. And every contact counts, as does the way you treat them. After all, your customers are your competition’s potential customers. And those you’ve yet to reach, well, their business is only one good play away. The competitor who wins their business will most likely do so by utilizing whatever means

Techweek Startup City: LAUNCH contestants

    Tomorrow is the third consecutive year of Techweek’s LAUNCH event. On Monday, June 25, Startup City will highlight the startup ecosystem’s creativity and variety, giving attendees an exciting sneak peak of the newest ideas entering the market. Located in the exhibit hall, this space provides an area for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs from