Ur Daycare Locator Aims To Locate

Ur Daycare Locator aims to locate local daycare centers and schools for your child. The service has been tailored to give raw user-generated reviews and easy to use tools to help you make the best choice for you daycare needs. With only a few simple steps you will be able to find several daycare centers in your area or specified area and  get directions to them via your favorite maps application or browser on your Android device. The app is now only available on Android, but will soon be available on iTunes for your iOS device as well.






Start screenAt the home screen you can easily access the Directory, Maps, Search, Favorites, Applications and more.


SearchThis is the simple search option that will help you find any publicly listed daycare center within up to 20 miles from your specified chosen or current location.


Results Results are nice and cleanly listed for your choosing pleasure.


Map Maps view give you a better idea of how far your commute to and from the daycare centers will be.


Get Directions With the option to open a daycare centers address directly from your favorite map app or browser, you’ll have no trouble at all getting navigation instructions or driving directions to your favorite daycare center.


Apply Ur Daycare Locator makes it even easier by providing an easy to fill out application form that can be sent directly to your chosen daycare center. You don’t have to print and deliver your applications anymore.


Favorite List The favorites list makes it easy for you to save and access the daycare centers contact info when you need it.



After using this app for a few weeks running through the different features while looking for the perfect daycare center to enroll my son at, I’ve found that Ur Daycare Locator has saved me a ton of time and allowed me to discover daycare centers that I didn’t even know were in my area. It is an important decision to pick where our children spend their time and who will be watching them. Let Ur Daycare Locator help you find the perfect daycare for your kid(s). Give the app a try on Android from the Google PLAY Store here Ur Daycare Locator for Android or if you’re an iOS user you’ll have to wait a bit. It will be available on iTunes soon.


Source: Ur Daycare Locator

Sneak Peak – Greatest Toy in the Universe Needs A Name!


What would you call this toy if you had a chance to choose? It’s not everyday that we come across a toy that is so cool and awesome that we would still play with it no matter how old we get. This remote-controlled super spider battle bot thingy is just what I wish I had as a kid. Sure there were several fun and exciting toys that we had when we were kids to play with, but none of them come close to how epic this toy is. With all the unique ammo you can fire with it and the customizable battle armor and even that epic exploding armor/body shielding it has for multiplayer battle action, its bound to offer some great times for kids of all ages.


Watch the video and be ready to be WOWed with this Sneak Peak Greatest Toy in the Universe!



Now that you’ve seen the awesome remote-controlled super spider thingy, What should it be called? Do you have any great ideas you think should be added to the feature list that you want to contribute? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments on the YouTube page for Jaimie to see. Who knows, maybe your name or idea will be chosen and added to the feature list.


UPDATED: I was lucky enough to get Jaimie Mantzel’s attention and have him answer a few questions.

1. What is your favorite feature about the 6-legged robot right now?
“My favourite feature about the robot is that it can change direction without having to turn around.  It makes maneuvering tight corners very easy.”
2. If time and money weren’t issues, what feature(s) would you add to the 6-legged robot?
“If time and money weren’t an issue, I’d make the robot 10 stories tall, and turn it into a walking fortress science school.  …a fortress of happiness, though.  It would only squirt water.  Nothing that actually hurts anyone.  It would run on solar, and wind power too.”
3. How long have you been working on this robot?
“I built the first one of these 6 legged robots 12 years ago.  I called it a “spider tank”.  It was made of coat hangers, duct tape, and junk that way lying around.  It didn’t walk very well, and the construction was very sloppy, but it proved the basic mechanism works.  Since then, I’ve made several more, and each has improvements over the previous.  The current toy version is the Spider Tank Mark 6.  …being the 6th significant version.  I didn’t count the ones that didn’t have any major improvements.”
4. What other projects are you involved with?
“Other projects I’m involved with:
With Wow! Stuff, I’m building a realistic tarantula, and stag beetle.  They also really walk.  No wheels included.  :-)
I’m also working on a 15ft wide “spider tank”.  Its called the “Giant Robot Project”, and I’ve been documenting it on YouTube.  The Giant Robot took its first steps a little over a year ago.  I still have some work to do on it, but I’ve been too busy in the last year to do much.
I also started the “Adventure Builders Club” which is based around a set of 8 positive virtues.  They are the principles I use in my everyday life to achieve goals, and maintain happiness.  Its full of all kinds of cheesy sayings, and ideas, but I’ve found that quite often, the most cheesy and embarrassingly silly ideas are the best ones.
I could list about 10 other things I’m working on, like saving money to buy and island, making plans to start a science school.  I’m always working on things to make my world, and the world in general better.  I imagine that if every human had the intention of making the world better, it would be quite an amazing place, ad we could trade in most of our problems for awesomeness.  :-)”


Thank you Jaimie Mantzel for taking the time for my questions.

via WowStuff and YouTube

Apple iMessage Fails To Protect Privacy

Apple iMessage fails to protect privacy. An Apple employee had his iMessage account accidentally hacked by a flaw in the way Apple currently has their iMessage account hardwired to the users SIM card. The apple employees personal details, communications and pictures have been released to the public via Gizmodo and Business Insider. Imagine if you were him. All your little details of your life being available to an anonymous person that could use that information to blackmail you into doing things you really don’t want to do or ruin relationships you have by exposing private personal or work conversations that are not meant to be public knowledge. The list goes on and on. I’m sure you can think of a few things wrong with this scenario too.

Here’s the short story of what happened. A mothers sons iPhone needed service, she takes it to an Apple store in her area for service, she picks it up with it appearing to be working as it should, they later find out it is somehow receiving a mysterious mans iMessage communication. Apparently it was transmitting an Apple employees information. More of the story can be found from the source links.

Currently Apples iMessage account is tied to the users SIM card. This is bad. Other messaging services have a sign in type account instead that makes this particular problem not happen. I’m sure Apple is going to fix this issue quickly. Anyone glad you’re using an Android device right about now?


Via Gizmodo & Business Insider

Cloudera A Start Up To Keep An Eye On

Cloudera is only 3 years old. It has the makings of becoming a billion dollar company in the near future. They provide customer support and tools that take advantage of an open-source platform called  Apache Hadoop that they distribute. Cloudera offers many ways your company can take advantage of Hadoop including categories like E-tailing, Financial Services, Government, Health and Life-Sciences, Retail/CPG, Telecommunications and Web and Digital Media Services. In 3 years time they have already landed some big named clients such as Adconion, AdGooroo, Aggregate Knowledge, AOL Advertising, Apollo Group, Inc., Concurrent Computers, Explorys Medical, First Life Research, Groupon, Huron Consulting Group, JiWire, Klout, NAVTEQ, Opower, Rackspace US Inc., Samsung, Trends Micro Inc., Trulia, Tynt and the C.I.A. among many others.

In 3 years time Cloudera has built up their investments to reach over $75 million and growing. Cloudera has partnered up with Acer, AMD and Aster Data. One of Clouderas Co-founders Amr Awadallah told Business Insider “We are building this to be a huge, huge company,” he also said “My preference is to go public but it could be a big suitor taking it.” Who could be the big suitor? Dell perhaps? Whichever suitor chooses Cloudera, it is no doubt that Cloudera is a start-up to keep your eye on.


Cloudera,  Business Insider

Fast Follow The Game Zynga Likes To Play?

The buzz of Zynga and their business model of social gaming online has undoubtedly had a major impact on bringing a fun new way to socially interact with our friends online. There are several other social game companies out there that have help build social gaming into what it is today. Mark Pincus, chief executive of social gaming company Zynga has recently been interviewed by Venture Beats and has turned up some interesting insight on how the follow fast game works in the social gaming industry. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are several games made by different companies that look almost the same and some could argue that they are the same and that one of the companies copied another company’s games. While this would seem true to many, there is more to the story as Mark Pincus explains in an interview Venture Beats today. Some companies Playdom, NimbleBit and Buffalo Studios have all come forward claiming that Zynga has played the follow fast game with their games and the it doesn’t seem that the follow fast game is going to lose steam anytime soon. To understand the point of view of Zynga, you’ll want to read the memo from Mark Pincus to his fellow team mates.


Via Venture Beats & Business Insider



Clio Raised $6 Million In Its Series B Round Of Financing

Clio is a cloud based legal management software that has gained speed in the startup sector. They have recently raised $6 million in its Series B round of financing to use for hiring more staff and marketing its services.  Acton Capital Partners, existing investors and Point Nine Capital were the investing parties that helped make it happen in this round.

Co-founders are

Jack Newton (CEO) – An experienced business leader, software developer and entrepreneur, Jack provides strategic vision for Clio, and is helping to raise the profile of cloud computing in the legal profession.


Rian Gauvreau (COO) – Rian combines his years of experience with law firm IT with his in-depth software development experience to help create software law firms love to use.

The complete Clio team list

“Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system that is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere—from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.”


Clio pricing is $49 a/month for Attorneys and $25 a/month for Support Staff. A very affordable option for any lawyer looking to tidy up their schedules, billing and many other business related needs on the go or in the office.

Via Clio

T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster

As of September 7, 2011 T-Mobile has finally made available their “Cel-Fi Signal Booster”. I had heard from different sources over the last few years that T-Mobile has been extensively been testing a “Signal Booster” to improve their loyal subscribers service experience. Although I knew they were working on something, I didn’t know what it was called, now we all know.

As most of you know, cell reception has a tendency to lose signal strength indoors or in basements etc. The T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster can help improve the signal loss and help maintain a steady/solid connection with the tower to provide much better download speeds and call experience over the T-Mobile 3G/4G signal. Currently the Cel-Fi Signal Booster doesn’t support 2G/GPRS and no word has been stated to give any hope that it will ever support these older connections either, so if you only have a 2G (EDGE/GPRS) connection at home, this is not an option for you and you’d be much better off using T-mobile’s WiFi Calling or UMA calling available on select T-Mobile handsets. Let’s get down to the details. This is a true Plug-n-Play system.

The T-mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster consists of two parts, a window unit and a coverage unit. Both require an AC outlet available for each unit. T-Mobile has a pretty strict approval process they make their CSR go through with you before deciding if you can be approved. Once approved you’re told that shipping may take up anywhere from 7 to 10 days. I personally received mine in 5 days. Once it arrived, I was surprised to see how easy it was to set up. I walked around the house with my phone  to measure the signal strength and found an optimal location that was out-of-the-way and got at least one bar of service, plugged in the window unit. The second step was a little more difficult at first, but after seeing an setup example from T-Mobile’s website, I found a great spot on the other side of the house that worked great and allowed the coverage unit to have the greatest coverage area. So far everyone I’ve talked to has been able to hear me and my calls no longer drop while I move from one room to the next like they did before I received the Cel-Fi Signal Booster.In my house since I am only able to get one bar of 4G, that’s all the Cel-Fi is extending the range with, so I’m not seeing extremely faster 4G speeds or having clearer sound quality either. I’m just able to keep a connection in my house and that’s what is most important to me and my family  at this point.

I bet you’re wondering how you can get your own T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster for your house, right? Well here’s the skinny.

You must have A or B Class credit.

You must be on a post-paid contract (not an even more plus plan).

Your account cannot be delinquent.

Your plan must cost you more than $65 a month.

You’ll have to agree to a new two-year term from the date that you sign up to receive and use the T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster.

You must live in a single-family home (attached structures like apartments, condos and offices can be effected other T-Mobile users location-based services that could cause issues when calling 9-1-1).

You must have at least one bar of 3G or 4G service confirmed in your house.

You must own at least one 3G or 4G device being used with your T-Mobile service contract.

Even though you can receive the Cel-Fi signal Booster at no cost to you, you’ll still have to agree to paying $500 if the Cel-Fi Signal Booster is returned damaged or is not returned at the end of your termination of service with T-Mobile. They make it very clear that the Cel-Fi Signal Booster is T-Mobiles property and that it’s not for sale.

T-Mobile has instructed their employees that the Cel-Fi Signal Booster is not to be used as a closing option, but only to be used in extreme cases where it is needed. I guess that’s why there is so much red tape to go through to get one. I took the liberty of snapping a few pictures for your readers to gaze your eyes on. As you can see, it’s two units and they are about the same size as a common WiFi router that you’d have in your home.


Source:  T-mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster T-Mobile USA