Ludovic Biyong Is Helping To Bring News To Cameroon


Founded by the 29 year old French-born entrepreneur, Ludovic Biyong, is a Cameroonian news and classified ads-based website. A place for Africans to go to find up-to-date local, national and international daily news, from political and economic news through to the latest in sport, art, fashion and culture, it covers all the top trending stories.

A hugely popular site, also features classified advertisements, employment advertisements and even a virtual tour guide of Cameroon, encouraging tourism and investment for the country. And other major developments to help make the site even more user-friendly and reachable are already underway. focuses on providing trustworthy and reliable news, information and services to every Cameroonian at every level of society, something that has not been readily available to many. Considered one of Cameroon’s top 10 websites, receives thousands of unique visitors each and every day.

With its increasing popularity, Ludovic Biyong has big plans to further expand the site’s influence by offering users useful services other countries simply take for granted. ‘Compared to many Western countries, everyday Cameroonians are fairly new to the vast world of the Internet and everything it has to offe,’ said Ludovic Biyong.

He is soon to launch an all-in-one platform that also provides Android and iPhone applications dedicated to Cameroon as well as a magazine promoting Cameroon and offering tourism information about entertainment, art, culture and fashion in Cameroon. Also soon to launch is the opportunity for Cameroonians to get more involved in their sports, with sport betting and related activities.

ludovicAn entrepreneur himself, Ludovic Biyong was born in France but has strong ancestral roots to Cameroon. Having spent much of his lifetime in Paris and London, Ludovic now bases himself in Cameroon, working in his IT company, PA2M. A renowned computer scientist and IT specialist, Ludovic was inspired by his early visits to Africa, where he felt a huge social responsibility to share his knowledge with the people of Africa.

Having studied Computer Science and then following on to complete a Master’s in Business Engineering, Ludovic Biyong’s extensive career includes working as a network and Software engineer with Unisys and as a research engineer at Winwise. He also is involved in working with AFNOG (African Network Operators Group) and AFRINIC (African Network Information Center), which has allowed him to be a key player in the development and advancement of the African Internet community.

Ludovic Biyong’s desire is to see all African people thrive in the area of technology and commerce by having the opportunity to harness available innovations in IT and computing, electronics and telecommunications. ‘The Internet has been deeply embraced by urban Africans, as they are driven by the need to connect with family and friends and by the increasing affordability and accessibility of Internet-capable mobile phones’, said Ludovic. He goes on to state, ‘building on this, I am focused on solving many of the social problems they face
using digital innovations not only in the areas of business, but also in the areas of health, education and agriculture throughout Africa’. is just one way that Ludovic Biyong is helping his native country.

Ludovic Biyong’s crowdfunding project is just one aspect of what he sees as the future for, not only, but also for his own personal projects with regard to helping Cameroon to move forward in all areas of society. ‘A lifetime goal of mine is to have an online platform, a crowdfunding platform, where young smart Cameroonians can seek investors in order to create and innovate the future of our country’, he said. As a young and successful entrepreneur, Ludovic Biyong believes that entrepreneurs are born, not made.

His desire is to use all his resources, including the success of and his crowdfunding project, to help advance Cameroon’s society at every level and in every industry. Biyong sees among young Cameroonians their hunger for greater involvement in the political, economic, business and cultural scenes of Cameroon. As the Cameroonian people start craving for prosperity in an emerging economy, Ludovic Biyong’s plan is to support the wealth of talent, passion and diversity that the people of his native country have to offer.

As the success and popularity of continues to grow throughout Cameroon and Africa, Ludovic Biyong is confident the people of Cameroon and further afield throughout Africa will benefit from all that the world of Internet technology, telecommunications and business has to offer.



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