The Power of Staying Flexible and Embracing Gray Space

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Around this time, I also received an email from the Blog Genie, a woman whose target audience is the health and fitness blogger. We started talking about bloggers who want to attend blogging conferences, but can’t due to time or money constraints.

Cue the collective “ah-ha” moment

Together, we decided to launch the online freemium blogging conference series, Blog Well Summit, with the first summit taking place in October 2014.

A Whole Lot of “Ah-Has”

I’m not sharing this to give you a list of everything I’ve got going on.

I’m sharing this to emphasize that never in my wildest dreams did I expect to host podcasts or blogging conferences as an outshoot of my original, Girls Gone Sporty business plan.

I flexed. I took action and made decisions based on general principles and guidelines (my gray space), rather than a supposedly infallible business plan I wrote before I ever had an audience.

When you’re willing to live in the grays, to flex and respond based on data and circumstances, that’s when the “ah-has” happen. That’s when your business has the chance to really grow.

Laura Williams, M.S.Ed., is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Girls Gone Sporty, the Host of the High Impact Blogging podcast, and the Co-Developer of Blog Well Summit.

When she’s not launching new businesses, Laura can be found working out at the playground, watching trash TV, and suckling a glass of boxed wine, all while wearing yoga pants. She’s a classy one.

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