Get Your Office Like Google’s


If you haven’t heard about what Google’s offices are like, it is like the magical wonderland of the office world. It is kitted out with absolutely everything that you could wish for with an office. It is part of the reason why working for Google is such a sort after job, they just look after their employees in so many different ways. But can you get your office like the one at Google? Probably not. Their offices are huge, and they have thousands of staff all over the world, and they’re a billion dollar company. But you can take some of the principles and use them in your own office to make it so much more fun and relaxed. Here is how.

The Furniture

Google always has pretty alternative furniture. For one, it is always colourful and comfy, as is the whole room. If you want to get that Google vibe, you need to try and get the room as bright and as colorful as possible to begin with. Use a range of different colours like light blues, greens, and reds. It’ll help to perk the room up a bit rather than just staring at the same four white walls. You also need to try and create as much space as possible so you haven’t got that cramped feeling going on. You can also purchased used office furniture to help save a bit of money. If you’re buying furniture for a large office of people we know how expensive it is going to be. But just  make sure it’s as comfy and quirky as possible. One of the main reasons why employees find it so hard to work is because they’re spending most of the day wriggling around trying to get comfy. Make sure they either have built in pillows, or you’re giving them pillows to sit on as well.

Mood Boards & Nap Pods

Mood boards is something a lot of companies should start using. Not only mood boards, but idea boards. It allows your employees to convey their thoughts and feelings about the day. This is something not a lot of companies actually do nowadays. It could open your eyes to things that might need changing about the company that you may not have thought about before. Plus, your employees thoughts and feelings should always be the most important thing on your mind. Nap pods are something Google do to try and keep their employees fresh. Many moons ago before you were a business owner, you know for a fact you would get to that part of the day where you could so easily drop off. Your eyes might have been closing and your head rolling out of your hands, quickly snapping you back into action until two minute later where it would happen again. Google have realised that during this time the amount of work done drops to almost nothing, so giving them a quick refresh allows them to come back into work ready to actually work. Whilst we know a lot of you will be against letting your employees nap, you could at least give them an area to chill out and relax to refresh their minds.


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