Startup Ideas for Great Writers


If you love writing and you’re actually good at it, then it stands to reason that when you’re looking to start your own business, you should start with writing.

The great thing about writing is that it is such a sought-after and diverse skill that there are so many ways that you can turn your ability to arrange words in pleasing ways into a successful startup. I mean, just take a look at these very viable business ideas that have writing at their core:

eBook Entrepreneur

Now that the likes of Amazon have made it so very simple to publish one’s own books and sell them to a huge market, setting up your own book writing business could be pretty lucrative. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, you can write what you like, and there is likely to be a market for it. Skeptical, take a look at this old article at about one woman who became a multi-millionaire by publishing self-penned fantasy fiction. Of course, that’s a feat that’s hard to repeat, but if you can crank out lots of books and price them keenly, you could have a thriving writing business in no time at all.

Freelance Writer

There are lots of different kinds of freelance writer. There are those who sell niche articles that they have pre-written at Constant Content, those who write unique essays at and those who work take any writing jobs they can find at or the likes. Many of them don’t make a whole lot of money, but lots of them do. The difference?  Dedication, talent and actually treating their work as a business by creating a website, recruiting other freelancers,  collecting testimonials, marketing their services and delivering on their promises – if you can do all that, you can make a serious business out of writing.


Copywriters are people who write professional copy on or offline for websites, magazines, catalogs and stuff like that. If you have a particular niche that you know a lot about, setting up your own copywriting business specializing in that niche, whether it be medical advice, pet care or dentistry, could prove to be extremely lucrative.

Social Media Management

Pretty much every business is on social media right now, and it can take up a lot of time posting content on there. So, why not make a living by starting up your own social media management agency? You’ll be tasked with writing interesting and engaging content for specific audiences, posting that content and interacting with followers – it could be a lot of fun, and as startups go, if you’re good at it, it could also be very lucrative. One for the social media lovers out there!


With all of the publications both on and offline that are created every day, there is huge scope for someone who is good with words to make a living by setting up their own proofreading company. The fun thing about this ideas is that you get to read lots of interesting things as you make your corrections, so if you love reading too, it’s ideal.

Do you own a writing-based startup? What do you do?


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