Are You Doing Enough To Show Your Team That You Mean Business?


As an aspirational business owner, realizing that you need the support of a winning team behind you is the most crucial breakthrough of all. If you want them to respond by giving you the best performance possible, it’s imperative that you give them a reason to do so.

Need some ideas on how to make that happen? These eight are just great.

#1. Recruit Well

If you’re prepared to hire inadequate employees, you are going to see inadequate work. Not only will those direct candidates fail to perform as you’d like, but you’ll also find that their colleagues perform slightly worse too.

Finding the best candidates requires an interest in their personalities as well as their skills. While it can take a little extra effort to handle those applications and interview processes, it’ll save time and money in the long run. After all, poor decisions will need to be rectified.

Master this task, and the positive influence will filter down throughout the entire venture. If you want to establish the best platform for success, this is your best option by far.

#2. Welcome Them In Style

Hiring the right people is one thing, but you need them to be inspired from day one too. If they feel unappreciated or as though they don’t belong, it will show. Therefore, those early interactions following their arrival is key.

Sending finalized paperwork and a welcome guide before their first day is a good start. The onboarding process should also include a great workspace and having stationery or uniform ready. Aside from making them feel welcome, this shows great organization.  

A brief introduction to the team and a little fuss over the new employee can work wonders for team morale too.

#3. Let Them Use Their Initiative

When hiring skilled people, you should want to embrace their talents to the max. While providing some guidance is important, stifling their creativity and capabilities would be very naïve. Letting them show their initiative without compromising the brand ethos will work wonders.

As a business owner, it’s OK not to know everything. That is the whole point of building a strong team in the first place. Being able to empower employees will show that there isn’t an ego. In turn, this indicates that you have the best interests of your business at heart.  

This can have a huge impact on the general atmosphere within the team. In most cases, this should lead to increased productivity and ingenuity.

#4. Invest In Communication 

Great communication should sit at the heart of all business ventures. Sadly, if this issue is lacking, it can give employees a bad impression. Moreover, you’ll find that silly mistakes creep into the operation. Even when they aren’t costly, they will be very frustrating as they are preventable.

Modern technology is crucial for the daily communication links. Ensuring that employees have smartphones and communication Apps is key. Meanwhile, allowing them to work from home when necessary shows a progressive nature. Likewise, short and on-topic meetings are advised.

Worse still, it’s likely to result in a bad experience for the customers too. As such, it’s imperative that you avoid mistakes in this area of the operation.


#5. Set Performance Based Rewards

Employees won’t perform to their absolute best unless they have an incentive to go the extra mile. While you may think that the promise of taking the business to another level is enough, it isn’t. In truth, you need to give them a personal incentive. Rewarding their successes is the ideal answer.

Paying employees well will keep them in a better frame of mind. However, bonuses for breaking targets will often spark a positive reaction. This can be related to sales or virtually any other task. Small gestures like letting them finish a little early on a Friday after a positive week can help too.

If nothing else, it shows that you have ambitions for the business to perform to the very highest level. If this doesn’t encourage employees to take note, perhaps nothing will.

#6. Show Discipline

For the most part, positivity should be the aim of the day. When the situation requires it, however, you must not be scared to become a disciplinary. Otherwise, you may encourage employees to start taking advantage of your good nature. This will harm productivity as well as the company’s image.

Lateness due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic accidents shouldn’t be punished. But employees that turn up late regularly should be docked wages. On a more serious note, a saliva drug test may confirm suspicions. If it has happened on your premises, this is grounds for sacking.

You may feel obliged to help them get the outside support they need. Nonetheless, you must not bow down or become soft.

#7. Lead By Example

Some employees will work to their full potential regardless of outside factors. But the vast majority need to see that they aren’t the only one putting a shift in. Seeing their boss lead the way in style can make a big impact on their motivation levels. Besides, they may learn a lot from your actions.

Focusing on your job is crucial. This is why you may want to hire an assistant to take care of admin and other time-consuming tasks. When you are allowed to actively drive the business forward, your employees will notice how hard you work. In most cases, they will follow suit.   

If nothing else, they’ll pull their socks up through fear of not matching your expectations. As long as you utilize this energy in the right way, it can work wonders.

#8. Stay Ahead Of The Game

Showing employees that the venture is built for success in the immediate future is great. Still, for the very best results, you need a long-term game plan. Those sentiments ring true for the sake of the business as well as the employee reaction. So you must not ignore it for a second.

To stay ahead of the crowd, you must know what your competitors are doing. This type of market research may save you from poor decisions while also opening your eyes to new ideas. Just make sure that your team are also blessed with the latest and greatest equipment and facilities.

Ultimately, your employees are the greatest asset at your disposal. By making them feel valued and inspired to work harder, firing a signal of intent should become easier than ever.


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