First Online Pawn Shop Pawngo Named Start Up To Watch By Inc Magazine


Pawngo, the world’s first online pawn shop, has just been named one of the top 7 start-ups to watch in 2012 by

Pawngo takes the uneasiness out of going to a brick and mortar pawn shop to sell or get a loan on your wares for times when you really need the money. It also helps protect people who want to sell their stuff from the sketchiness that can come from back alley Craigslist deals.

When you get started with Pawngo you tell the website what you have to sell. They make an assessment of the item you are pawning and then they email you an offer. If you accept the offer than they mail you a FedEx label to send your item to them for free. After that you get your cash.

Pawngo is backed by Daylight Partners, Access Venture Partners, and LightBank.

Pawngo CEO Todd Hills said “The entire team at Pawngo is both proud and excited by Inc.’s announcement. It shows how far we have come with our hard work and dedication to revolutionizing the pawn industry. While we will enjoy the honor we have already began looking forward to 2012 and how we can continue our already stellar performance in the industry.”

Got something you want to pawn? Try it here 



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