Digital Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Everyone is doing digital marketing these days. The growing number of digital marketing instruments available and the fact that they are all incredibly accessible lead to the use of digital marketing by organizations of different scales. The digital marketing landscape is highly saturated at the moment. That can only mean one thing: there are more challenges to overcome in order for your messages to be delivered successfully through digital marketing campaigns.

Those challenges, however, are solvable. Through carefully crafted campaigns, a better understanding of the audience, and improved digital marketing know-how, the most common challenges in digital marketing can turn to opportunities to seize.


Targeting is the first challenge to overcome. Before you can craft an effective digital marketing campaign, you have to select a target audience that suits your organization best. You cannot expect to deliver key messages successfully when they are delivered to the wrong audience groups.

Targeting doesn’t have to be complicated either. Listening and research tools are widely available, and they can help you gain more insights into the suitable target audience for your business. At the very least, you can start by identifying your target consumers and working your way to suitable audience segments from there.

More importantly, you can learn a lot about the audience using the same listening tools. More insights lead to a better understanding of the audience, and that leads to a better understanding of how to best shape your key messages and deliver them successfully.


Planning is the next challenge to tackle. The availability of digital marketing instruments leads to businesses using them incidentally rather than as part of a bigger campaign. If you find your messages or digital marketing execution to be inconsistent, this incidental approach to digital marketing is the reason.

Rather than focusing on one program at a time, build a longer narrative that ties multiple campaigns together. A longer narrative offers a handful of benefits that you cannot afford to miss in today’s competitive digital landscape.

For starters, a longer narrative gives the audience that sense of familiarity. You can expect them to follow your stories across multiple campaigns. A good story is also powerful in developing a closer, more personal relationship with the audience.

The only challenge left is making sure that the long narrative you use to represent your brand gets represented correctly – and in a consistent way – across multiple campaigns. That leads us to the next challenge to solve, which is….


When you have multiple campaigns or programs running at the same time, it is easy to lose track of your key messages. This is an issue faced by many businesses, small and large, when they start utilizing digital marketing instruments more extensively. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem as well.

Better project management is a must. More and more digital marketers use Agile methods to better organize campaigns and tasks associated with them. It is even easier to organize large, complex campaigns when you begin implementing Kanban as a way to manage tasks.

A Kanban board can be customized to suit your digital marketing needs. Kanbanize, one of the best tools on the market, lets you set up custom Kanban boards for individual campaigns. You can then use the standard Agile project management structure to maintain alignment and ensure smooth completion of tasks and campaigns.

The implementation of a Kanban board also brings an added benefit: the ability to monitor your campaigns visually. There is something about seeing tasks as cards that make organizing complex campaigns easier.


Digital marketing is never a one-time thing. You cannot expect to stick to a single strategy without closely monitoring the results of that strategy. Monitoring, in the end, becomes an inseparable part of every campaign you run. A failure to monitor digital marketing campaigns will result in your key messages being buried under a pile of noise.

Monitoring is how you learn about key metrics around your digital marketing activities. Do you want to know if your key messages reach the audience in its original form? Are you wondering if your ad spending goes to the right advertising networks? You need close monitoring of campaigns to answer these questions.

 One more important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot expect the campaigns you craft to work immediately. There will be times when you make mistakes or execute the wrong strategy; monitoring simply lets you identify those times and allow you to make corrections immediately.

You’ll start optimizing your campaigns without having to wait until the end of the cycle. That’s how you know you have implemented the Agile project management methods successfully. In fact, that’s how you know that you are on the right track of refining your digital marketing efforts.

So, are you ready to solve these digital marketing challenges? Use the tips and tricks we covered in this article to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Five Benefits of Multichannel Marketing


If you still believe that having a website is enough to succeed with a new business, you might be up for a surprise. Most large brands are now creating a multichannel marketing campaign to improve their communication and branding results, while reaching more customers in a more effective and appropriate way. Below you’ll find a few benefits of creating a multichannel marketing plan for your new business to beat the competition and improve your conversion rates.

Better Reach

Not all customers are happy to visit you in your store. Likewise, some will research the internet for recommendations, and will not be happy to order from your website before they read real customer reviews about your company. Some use LinkedIn, others prefer Facebook groups. You need to be present where your potential customers hang out, therefore, to reach them, you will have to create a marketing plan that involves email, online, and social media advertising, as well as print materials, telemarketing, and SMS.

More Effective Sales Funnels

No online business can survive without an effective sales funnel. You will need to design your customers’ journey from the moment they first hear about your business until they become buyers. If you are present on various channels, and your potential clients can get in touch to ask questions on social media, as well as via email and phone, you can increase your conversion rates long term.

Improved Brand Awareness

Being present on the internet doesn’t get you noticed. You will have to find different channels to get visitors to your website and turn them into followers, who will – eventually  become customers. You need to grab every opportunity to improve your brand awareness in your target market. Using social media and video market can make your content go viral without having to spend a lot of money on advertising, and increase your brand’s reach within your niche.  

Customer Communication

Another great benefit of being present on different channels is that you give your customers plenty of opportunity to contact you and give you feedback. When things go wrong, your clients want more than sending an email and waiting a week to get the issue resolved. Having an online chat on your site and social media pages will improve your customer communication and build your reputation at the same time.

Added Value

You should learn to take advantage of the latest technologies to communicate your offers to your target customers. You can offer incentives for members and repeat customers, or make the ordering process easier. Adopting a simple-to-use shopping cart system can improve customer satisfaction. You might also find professional app developers to design your branded app and get your offers out to your target market.  

Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness of conversion rates, adopting a multi channel marketing and communication strategy is a good idea. You will be able to benefit from higher conversion rates, improved brand awareness, and reputation. Furthermore, you can take advantage of viral marketing and recommendations.

Are You On-Brand Enough?


In this incredibly digital world, a lot of people talk about things like content, engagement, and growth hacking. But while these may be the on-trend topics of the time, they aren’t the only things you should be focusing on if you want to ensure that your business is going to blossom. Not in the slightest. In fact, you could be working real hard on all three of those factors, but if you have one thing missing, you may not be able to make any waves. Of course, we’re talking about branding. Because branding can make sure that you have the right impact on whatever you do. From your brand colors to the way that you talk, you need to nail it all. So let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Everything Online

First of all, you have to be able to look at everything that you’re doing online and ensure that it’s on brand to attract your customers. From your logos to your social media icons, and even the graphics or videos that you put out – it should all be branded. So when you’re making videos or images, be sure to find someone that can put these together for you. And when they do, they need to make sure that they are on brand with the design. But you also need to make sure that the content is branded too, and that you’re showcasing your brand personality to project the right brand image.


Whenever you create a document in-house, you should make sure that it’s on brand. Create a set format that everything gets written on created in. That way, whenever you’re sending anything out, you’re branded. It’s also a great way to ensure that everyone gets into the brand zone, and feels part of something bigger.


If your business has a fleet or any other kind of vehicle (even if it’s just your own car), you’re missing out on an opportunity if you don’t brand them. Take a look at the different way you can use fleet graphics to brand up your vehicles. This is also a great promotional opportunity for you too. So be sure to create a call to action or showcase your contact details too.

Event Presence

Whenever you’re at an event, or you do anything in a business environment, you need to be on brand. Luckily for us all, there are some great branding options that you can have at events. And you can go all out. From your stand complete with banners and signs to the materials you hand out and even uniforms that you wear, you can brand your presence completely to make a bigger impact.

Every Action

Last but not least, you’re going to want to ensure that you and any members of staff that you have are acting on-brand and representing your brand as best as possible. Establish your brand voice and stick to it, and be sure to choose the right representatives so that you know your brand can stay consistent.

Why Employee Communication Is The Key To Building Your Brand


Many entrepreneurs give the subject of branding a great deal of thoughts. They’ll pore over dozens and dozens of prospective logo designs from a range of talented freelancers. They’ll work long and hard to crystalize exactly which values and attitudes best encapsulate their brand. They’ll agonize over every single letter of their mission statement. But from the customer’s point of view, none of this matters. They won’t give two hoots about whether your logo is the exact right shade of orange, your slogan is catchy and memorable or that your mission statement contains a good amount of “radiant words”. To your customers, the proof is in the pudding. It’s in the way in which they interact with your employees that they ascertain the values of your brand. Thus, it’s more important than ever to make sure that these values are communicated to them effectively each and every day. Of course, this is easier said than done. Here are some ways in which entrepreneurs can manage communication with their employees to keep their brand intact…

Fight through the “technical fog”

There’s no doubt that you entrust many of the more technical aspects of keeping your business great to a handful of talented and technically minded individuals. But if you’re not proficient in their field of expertise, this can lead to what is known as “technical fog”. If you’re to know how to manage the talent risk of your team, it’s important to pierce the veil. It’s not enough to leave them in an office somewhere to “do their thing”. This will lead them to feel remote, alienated and less intrinsic to the success of your business than they undoubtedly are. Make efforts to understand what they do as best you can and work collaboratively with them to ensure that you’re all on the same page. This will not only help you to retain their talents but ensure that the values of the brand are evident even in the more idiosyncratic elements of your business.

Ensure that they, their opinions and their ideas feel valued

Every employee from the frontline staff dealing with customer queries, to your technical support staff to your management team play a part in making your business the success that it is. Without their efforts, your brand and mission statement would be just a handful of empty platitudes. It’s their hard work that makes it tangible. Thus, they need to feel that their insights and ideas are valued. Operate an open door policy, have a suggestions box and never shout down an employee’s contributions to a meeting, even if they don’t align with your own ideas.

Embrace the power of training… No matter what it costs

There is no better way to communicate the fundamental ideals that have built your brand to your employees than regular training. Training not only helps them to sharpen their skills as they learn new competencies, it is also a great motivator. Disrupting their routine and getting them to examine and reassess their working methods is a useful way of getting them to re-engage with their role rather than coasting through it day by day.

Many employers do not welcome the disruption and expense caused by training, but if they don’t embrace its power, they can find themselves compromising their brand with poor customer service.

3 Ways Failure in Business Can Become Strength


No one likes failure — either when creating a startup, or doing anything else in life — and it’s certainly the case that everyone does their best to avoid it at every turn. The unfortunate fact is, however, that failure in life is inevitable. Your first startup may not fail — but you’d be a statistical anomaly, as most do — but sooner or later you’re going to run up against failure of one sort or another during the course of your professional life.

Fortunately, failure in business isn’t really the pure, unmitigated disaster that it’s made out to be. In fact, there are many ways in which failure can improve you for the mission ahead.

Here are a few of them.

Failure provides data on what doesn’t work

There’s a story that Thomas Edison, when called up on his numerous failures, once responded: “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Failure may be devastating at the moment, but each failure actually provides invaluable data on what not to do going forward, if you’re able to take a step back and have an objective look at the situation.

To experience this benefit, however, you need to become good and comfortable with reflection, self-critique, and analysis.

Why did your last attempt fail? Was it because you didn’t work enough hours? Or because you invested your money poorly? Was it that your business model was fundamentally flawed in some way? Or maybe you didn’t account for the degree of competition to be found within that particular niche?

Whatever the reasons you identify, learning from your failures in this way increases your chances of success going forward, and decreases your risk of repeating the same errors as before.

Failure builds resilience and inoculates against naive-thinking

Perhaps when beginning your first startup, you were unbelievably excited about everything you did, and believed with a certainty that everything was going to work out in your favour. And then it didn’t.

If, instead of being crushed and giving up on the idea of running your own company altogether, you dusted yourself off and had another go, then you’ve become more resilient in the process.

Failure builds callouses, and although we need to be careful that these callouses don’t end up making us jaded, a tough skin is nonetheless essential for long-term success in business.

After getting a few failures under your belt, you’ll likely find you’ve become more pragmatic. You know failure is a possibility — and you know it doesn’t have to mean the end of you.

Failure encourages us to fill in the gaps in our knowledge

Failure has a way of holding up a mirror to our own shortcomings and weaknesses. With hindsight, we can see how our own character deficiencies, or lack of awareness or knowledge might have exacerbated the problems we faced.

As a result, we may commit anew to learning to trade shares, or attend classes and conferences we previously thought we were above.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and failure can be a great incentive to seek out further knowledge.

Convincing Customers They Need More From You


Customers can be tricky people to handle. They can be picky and impossible to impress, or they can be the sweetest people who accept anything you say. And because of this unpredictability, it feels like you have to be every kind of business all at once.

Even when you’re increasing your reach by operating online, there’s still quite a few methods to implement to make sure customers are able to find you, and then click on you and your products. E-commerce is one of the biggest markets out there after all, and you’re going to have to be clever with what you offer to make sure someone doesn’t simply click away from you.

But it’s harder for someone to pull away when they’re physically in your store, so now’s the time to really try and impress. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started on refining your sales technique.

Be Specific with Your USP

Every business out there needs a unique selling point, and there’s more than you would think available when it comes to servicing the market. Whether you use sustainable habits to make your products, or you have a no carrier bag rule, or you simply throw in two products for the price of one, you can get a certain type of customer interested in you.

So make sure you’re being clear with your USP, and never stick to a vague statement such as ‘lower prices’ or ‘we’re better than the rest!’ Everyone has heard that from their local corner shop, so it just makes a lot more sense to actually find a message you can sell to appeal to your target market.

Think about what you’re selling and how it can help the average Joe with his daily grind; ham it up in all your marketing material, and be sure to advertise how no one else offers this at the same time. Beating your competitors involves being ruthless, and you’re going to have to learn what statements customers respond to as you go on.

Offer Promotions

It’s one of the most surefire ways to make sure someone doesn’t bypass you on the high street, even if they were never interested in coming in for a browse anyway. People like to get deals on whatever they buy, and even just a hint of saving money means you’ve got a foot in the door on validating their shopping choice.

Say you’re a supplier, but your inventory is overflowing and you need to shift some stock desperately to make sure you have the longevity to keep operating beyond this quarter. Implementing something like CPQ for Manufacturing is a great way to get customers interested in buying more than you, and even at a discount you’re making a profit you wouldn’t have made a penny of otherwise.

Convincing a customer to buy more than they wanted to is always going to be hard. You’re going against their own principles after all, but it can be done by good sale tactics.

Using Press Releases to Gain Visibility


It can be hard to get noticed in such a crowded marketplace, but there are a number of things entrepreneurs can do to gain more visibility.

Of course, social media is a hugely effective medium to broadcast your message – but unless it’s of direct relevance and personal value to your extended network, it’s unlikely to show up in their Facebook feed unless it’s a sponsored link… which, nowadays, can be pretty expensive.  The main benefit is that you can use hyper-personalised targeting to hone in on the individual demographic you are wanting to reach, including their tastes interests – but, as already mentioned, this will come at a significant cost.

However, have you considered the fact many companies submit press releases for a completely different reason.  They submit them on the basis of boosting their search engine rank and credibility with ranking sites such as Moz.  Indeed, they often imagine not many people will read the content of the press release – which might sound a little disheartening, but this practice of using press releases to boost your rank with Google is a well known practice that can be quite effective.

A strategy that is good for building your company website’s reputation within search engine marketing (see: domain authority) is to submit press releases that are then published on a high ranking site with a link back to your website. When Google sends out its robots they will rank your website higher as an already authoritative website is recommending your site; which infers trust and credibility onto your website.

You can submit a press release on the internet, for a small fee, or on certain websites for no fee whatsoever… a good example of a press release announcement can be found here; it is about Ogletree Deakins and hosted on PR Newswire; now whilst the content may not seem particularly riveting, something to bear in mind on these sites is that journalists working for huge newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The New York Times and even the BBC use these sites for ease and time-saving when it comes to writing an article on a tight deadline.  

This means there would be a chance of a high flying journalist from a national newspaper linking your site with a particularly feature they are writing as a result of this press release.

In summary, if you’re wanting to get high up in the search rankings within Google, and let’s face it we all know how important appearing on the front page is – because, in reality, how many people scan through the next two or three pages let alone the 679th page which many businesses that rank poorly for that particular search phrase will be on; even though they might have relevant content and offer a great product or service.  The point is, if you want to get up in Google you need to ‘play the game’ and to do that, you need to know what rules can be bent and which can be broken. It would appear that using press releases in this way to boost your Google rank is a way to ethically bend the rules and quickly get up onto the first page of Google.

Marketing Advice for Strong Startup Success


Most startups fail within the first year of business, and even fewer of them make it past the 5-year mark. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but quite often it is because they have failed to market themselves effectively.

If you want to be successful as a startup entrepreneur then you need to nail your marketing campaigns right from the off. If you can’t do that, you will struggle to gain enough momentum to keep you afloat until things really take off, and they never will without the right marketing strategy.

So, marketing is important, but how do you get it right as a startup?

Collect and Use Data

Probably the best way to ensure that your marketing efforts are on point is by collecting data from your target audience, analyzing it and then marketing in ways that you know your audience will be receptive to. If you don’t have time to collect, analyze and act on data yourself, have a marketing agency like MyOptimind take care of it for you. It has never been easier to collect data and gain a deep level of insight into your audience, so you would be foolish not to do so.

Show Your Difference

Unless you’ve invented a really unique product, chances are that you will be competing with a whole lot of other companies, many of whom will be way more established than you are. The only real hope you have of competing with them is showing your audience that you are different. If you can show them how and why you do things differently – and the why must represent a benefit to them – they are way more likely to be interested and give you a chance.

Build Authority

A really good way of convincing people to buy stuff from your startup is by first building your authority in your niche. You can do this by writing blog posts, making how-to videos and engaging on niche forums. Once you put yourself out there and people see that you know your stuff, they will automatically be more interested in doing business with you than someone they don’t know who may or may not have as much knowledge as you.

Sponsor a Community Event

If your startup is locally based, a very effective way of marketing yourself is by sponsoring a local event, such as raising funds for a local charity or community project like the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This will automatically show you in a positive light, and people will respond positively to you and your company as a result.

Engage Your Customers

Instead of simply selling to them, seek to engage with your customers instead. Start conversations with them on social media, ask them what they think about your products and what special offers they would like to see and they will treat you more like a friend or acquaintance than a salesman, and they will be more likely to act and buy something for you as a result.

If you try some of the above techniques and you keep working at it, you will start winning people round to your startup, and you will still be in business this time next year.

Tools That Will Help Run Your Business Efficiently


In any business there’s always room for improvement, no matter how big or successful it may be. Business only works through strategic planning and executing of those techniques, and there are new and improved ways of running a business coming out each day. Whether you feel like your business needs improving or not, it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest ways that people are trying to help with their businesses better than ever. Here are some tools that will help run your business efficiently so that you can build a bigger and better empire.

Document management software

It’s likely that at some point during the business day you’ve got to deal with paperwork or some sort of document. Files like these can easily become lost, muddled, or even duplicated which can make running your business harder than it needs to be. You can now buy document management software to help you manage these files and keep them organised in one handy place. Software like this often offers template management too, which can save you tons of time and really help the efficiency of you and your staff.

Employing the right people, and keeping them trained

An important factor in any business is the people who help keep it running, and that’s why it’s important that you have the right people working for you. Hiring people can be a tough task, especially because interviews don’t really show a person’s full working capacity. Instead, you could use employee referral software which allows you to see what your members of staff are achieving. Not only that, you can send them useful bits of information which can increase their productivity and knowledge of their job.

Keep everyone in the loop

The key to a successful business includes efficient communication. It’s important to make sure that not only are you having regular meetings and updates with senior members of staff, but with all members of staff. There will always be need to know information, but even the littlest of details can completely change how someone approaches the way that they do things. Many successful businesses choose to have a weekly meeting with all members of staff where business and personal matters can be discussed and resolved. Communication is key!

Clever financial options for your customers

A really popular business strategy is being able to offer finance to your customers. This won’t apply to all businesses, but if you’re selling products that would take the average person a while to save for, it might be a good idea to offer a finance deal for them to take if they’d like to. It’s convenient for customers who can’t afford things straight up, and it’s great for you because you are then bound into a contract, meaning that you will have regular contact with them for the entirety of the finance deal. This will give you the chance to keep them sweet, and they will be more likely to return.

Try these tools in your business and see if they can help you accelerate the growth and reputation of your business!

How To Boost Your Plateaued Business


There comes a time in most businesses where success has been increasing, and sometimes at quite a speed, only to gradually slow and level out onto somewhat of a plateau. While, in most cases, this is nothing to worry about, it can be frustrating. You want to keep yourself, and your employees, motivated and an increase in sales would do just that.

Before you consider letting employees go or seek further investment to boost your companys finances, have you thought about the following three strategies to reignite your success?

Expand Your Reach To New Customers

Its possible that your growth has come to a halt because youve already won all the customers you will find in your local area. Instead of trying to sell more to your already-engaged consumers, why not look further afield, into new markets, for wider success?

Thanks to the internet, its easy to scope out the potential of new markets, both within your country and across the world. Do a competitor analysis to ascertain how great a need there is for your product in these new locations before attempting to launch. If there are no other businesses operating in the same industry as you, then thats a green light. Its recommended you start slow and look for a small number of new clients or launch a manageable new branch (for example, one store), so as not to put your existing business at risk.

Rebrand To Change Customer Perceptions

A rebrand or redesign can be a very powerful tool indeed for encouraging greater sales. If youve been in business for a while, youll have developed some key equities that youll want to keep as part of your visual brand language moving forwards. To neglect these important qualities may risk damage to your brand communication.

Never fear if you dont believe youre very design articulate, partner with a strong design and marketing agency, such as the experts at, who will be able to guide you through a rebranding project. Think about the semiotic meanings of the colors and shapes you use. Are they communicating a motivating message to your end consumer?

Launch A New Product or Brand Extension

If youve already tapped the potential of one line of products, there may be scope for you extend your line to include new solutions. You may choose to ask your customers directly if there are any other needs they have, you could run a series of interviews or focus groups or perhaps collaborate with another business to bring your two areas of expertise together.

Collaboration is a fantastic way to grow your business, as youll learn new skills and techniques and benefit from co-branding a product, reaching out to a new audience.

Boost Your Stagnated Business

You dont need to go to extreme measures to boost your business again. Consider the above opportunities. Strategize new markets and products to develop, or reflect upon whether you could tweak your current brand communication and hopefully, youll soon see the buzz return to your workplace, motivating your employees and seeing your bank balance go back in the right direction: up.


Five Things That Can Help Your Business Stand Out


Every business owner wants their business to thrive, don’t they? After all, you don’t start this journey wanting to mediocre, you start it with the vision of making it a success, am I right? However, apart from some of the fundamental aspects of running your business efficiently, is there anything else that you can do to make your business stand out? Sometimes thinking outside of the box, being creative and doing things differently can work in your favor. I thought I would share with you five of the things to help get your started.

Offer different levels of communication

There are customers out there who like to talk, customers out there who prefer email, and there will be customers out there that like to send an old fashioned letter or even a fax, believe it or not. Having a fax machine for your business won’t be a bad thing, and this is when you need to ensure that you are fax GLB compliant. In truth, with your lines of communication having all options means that your business is open to every type of customer, which expands your reach.

Use social media as a marketing tool the right way

Social media is an amazing marketing tool for your business, and it is so good that people are trying to now use it in different ways to promote their businesses. If you think outside of the box in terms of your marketing, then you can really stand out in the world of social media. This might mean improving your images, using Facebook live or Instagram stories as a behind the scenes look. If you can add personality and passion to your social media ten your business will thrive.

Have a business blog

Blogging is fast becoming a useful tool that your business can capitalize on. It opens up another way of driving traffic to your website without it feeling like it is an aggressive or direct sell to your customer. Blogging can also be used in conjunction with search engine optimization, which in theory, will help boost your search engine ranking and direct more people to your main website. It is a great tool to have for your business.

Consider your branding

Your branding is your key message to your customers and other businesses out there, so it needs to be right for your business. It is relevant to your logo, the colors you use, the message you want to say, and it needs to be true to your and your business. There are digital agencies out there that can help devise the perfect brand for your business.

Having a fantastic website

Finally, as we live in a digital world it is important to ensure that your website works efficiently. It needs to load up quickly, be bright and have good quality images and to also hold all correct information. This enforces trust into your business and to your brand.

I hope that these tips help you to ensure that your business is able to stand out from the crowd.

Getting Your Marketing Right First Time Around


When you establish your own small business, there’s an awful lot to bear in mind and a seemingly never-ending list of tasks that you’re going to have to carry out in order to get things up off the ground and running. But even once you’ve achieved this, the hard work isn’t over. In fact, you could say that it’s only just begun, as now you have to ensure that the consumer market is aware of the products and services that you have on offer and want to purchase them, thus making you a healthy profit and keeping your business out of the red and in the black. One area that you really need to focus on is marketing. But what actually does this entail? Well, marketing is essentially the practice of encouraging consumers to purchase your products over a competitor’s. While this may sound simple, consumers are relatively complex individuals and not only do you have to make them aware of your product in the first place in order to start convincing them that it’s something that they need, but you have to be very careful about how you go about encouraging them to purchase your products. Nobody wants to feel pushed into a purchase, but at the same time, if you lie back and do nothing, they’re likely to run straight into your competitors’ arms. You’re going to have to do a whole lot of market research in order to fully understand what your target audience wants and how they want it presented to them. You also want to ensure that you get the whole marketing process right the first time around. It can often prove to be a pretty costly business, and you want to get it spot on so that revenue from sales encouraged by it can easily cover the investment you’ve put into your marketing campaigns. So, to get you started on the right foot, here are a few marketing ideas that you might like to try out for your small business!

Search Engine Marketing

Nowadays increasing numbers of business people are taking their companies online. Whether this means starting up as an online-only business, making the move from brick and mortar business to an online-only business, or operating online at the same time as running a brick and mortar company. There are various reasons for this. Operating online means that you open your products and services up to a worldwide audience. Near enough anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can access your page, browse your products and (if you offer international shipping) start making purchases. It also means that you are open for business around the clock. While a standard store requires constant supervision during opening hours and will generally operate between nine in the morning and five in the evening, web users can use your webpage at any time of the day or night, making orders around the clock. But if you’ve put a whole lot of work into developing a website, you can’t automatically expect that people will find their way to it. In fact, many business owners don’t thoroughly consider how they’re going to direct traffic to their page and end up feeling disappointed when they have few hits when they launch their site. The answer to your problems in regards to this is search engine marketing. Think about it. If you’re personally looking for products online, how do you find them? You input keywords into a search engine and generally opt for one of the first options that appear. Search engine marketing, or SEM, uses various specialist techniques such as keywords, tracking, landing pages, creative marketing, reporting, and management to ensure that as much traffic is directed to your page through search engines as possible. The most important and solid strategy for SEM tends to be a strong keyword strategy, so let’s focus on that one aspect for now. You should collaborate with SEM professionals to use professional keyword search tools combined with their own years of experience to find the best keywords that you should use in your webpage to drive traffic in your direction. They will set up broad keywords, phrases, or exact keywords matched with negative keywords in order to balance volume and quantity as well as targeting specific countries or devices.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, almost everyone with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer has social media profiles set up and these numbers are constantly increasing. Just look at published figures pertaining to social media usage. Facebook has over one billion active profiles,  Instagram is used by at least one hundred million individuals every single month, and Twitter has an average of three hundred and thirty million users online every month too! These are the three main social media powerhouses that you need to focus on. While many people may well think that social media is solely for personal use, it should be noted that having a large social media presence and following can be extremely beneficial for your small business. In order for your company and its products to be on show to as many people online as possible, you should place them in areas where large numbers of people are directing their attention. In this case, focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Now, these platforms are designed to be user-friendly and extremely simple to use, as they are designed for ordinary members of the public who may not have extensive technological knowledge. This means that you can generally set them up alone without having to reach out for professional help. Simply set up new profiles on each of these platforms under the name of your brand. Most social media platforms now have options for business pages, so make use of these when they are available, as they have special features such as spaces to include business profiles, contact addresses, and store locators. Hopefully, your brand name will be free for a username, but if not remember that you can always incorporate dashes, underscores, or numbers into your username, so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little. Upload your branded logo as the page’s profile picture, write a short bio, and you’re ready to start posting. A good approach when it comes to fuelling your site with content is to reuse many of the product photographs and feature photographs from your website. You can’t expect to gain masses of followers straight away, so consider sponsoring posts. They will then be appear in more people’s feeds than just those who follow you. Thanks to the types of targeted advertising that many social media platforms use, your money should go far, as your ads will appear on the feeds of people who are already showing an active interest in the products you’re selling and competitor brands.

In-Person Marketing Campaigns

While these previous techniques may have a potentially wider reach, as they are based online and can be shared to people all around the world, sometimes the internet just doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to getting people to engage with your brand. Sure, it can raise brand awareness, but nobody gets to interact directly with your company or its products before handing over cash and committing to a sale. This can often put people off and is a big reason as to why brick and mortar commerce is still thriving despite the fact that E-commerce can generally offer goods at a lower price and comes hand in hand with the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your own home and having items delivered to the comfort of your own home at the click of a button. But you don’t need to leave in-person interaction to real life retail in commercial properties alone. You can engage in tangible marketing campaigns too. There are various ways to go about this, but nine times out of ten you will be most successful with any of these types of campaigns if you collaborate with promotional agencies. These are agencies who have hundreds or even thousands of promotional staff in their books who can be booked to carry out any of the following types of work: sampling (so potential customers can try your products out and get an idea of what they’re all about), demonstrating (so potential customers can see how products work), and data capture (this will involve entering customers into a competition of sorts in exchange for their contact details so you can contact them with future advertising and marketing campaigns).

These are just three types of marketing that you might want to engage with, but they are three of the most effective methods that are more likely to gather success first time round. Sure, you can try some more alternative and out-there approaches, but save these as side projects and make sure you get your product out there with these bread and butter marketing techniques. Then if your more daring pursuits succeed, they’re merely a bonus! Get started as soon as possible!

3 Reasons Digital Marketing Is Your Best Friend

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There is much to think about in the early days of any business. But one of the most vital factors is how you are actually going to market your business. This is something which you need to consider regardless of what else you are hoping to achieve in your business. If you are not paying attention to the marketing, you are not likely to get where you want to go, and one area of marketing in particular which you can’t overlook is the digital aspects of it. As it happens, digital marketing is really your best friend in business – and here’s why.

It’s Easy

Before we even get into discussing why digital marketing might be so useful, it is worth considering just how easy it is. The truth is that anyone with any kind of level of knowledge can easily make plenty of their digital marketing, and often without actually having to do much on their end themselves. In most cases, the willing entrepreneur can use a digital marketing agency to do most of the hard work for them, and that alone makes it incredibly easy. But even if the work is done in-house, it is usually hardly impossible to form a passable digital marketing campaign. For this reason alone, no business should go without some kind of digital marketing campaign for too long – and ideally not at all.

It’s Powerful

A business which uses digital marketing is definitely more likely to get ahead than one which does not. This is obvious enough, and yet a lot of people fail to truly appreciate it. If you want your business to be able to succeed in exactly the way you want, it is necessary to use digital marketing to do so. The power of this particular form of marketing is that it has an enormously wide and far reach, especially compared to many other, more traditional forms of marketing – and that it tends to have a permanence in the minds of those who witness it as well. The statistics show that it is generally incredibly powerful, and that is enough reason for any business to make proper use of it.

It’s Diverse

There are a huge many ways to approach your digital marketing, and that can mean that you can reach more people and have much more impact than with other kinds of marketing. Thanks to the likes of social media and so on, you can now more easily than ever approach your marketing in increasingly diverse ways, and this has many benefits within it as well. Its diversity speaks to its power, and also to the ability it has to do many things at once for your business. You should absolutely make sure not to overlook this essential aspect of marketing in your early days – or at all.

As long as you use digital marketing, your business will be in a much better position on the whole – and this will mean that you succeed better in the future as well.

Use These 7 Tips to Write the Perfect Company Description


Most businesses fail or close during their first decade. The 10-year business failure rate probably isn’t as high as 96%, as some claim, but it’s not trivial either.

When the odds are stacked against you, you need to do everything possible to re-weight them in your favor — including seemingly trivial things, like crafting a winning company description. Here’s how to make yours shine.

1. Weave in Your Mission Statement

Does your company have a mission statement — a single-sentence articulation of its purpose and values?

If not, draw one up today. If so, make it the first sentence of your business description. This guide to writing a mission statement has more detail than you need.

2. Lead With Notables

The third section of Betterworks’ Wikipedia page lists several of the human resources management startup’s top backers and advisors. The list features some Silicon Valley heavy hitters — people about which the casual reader who knows little about BetterWorks’ solutions may well be familiar. There’s no better way to bolster your firm’s credibility right out of the gate, especially if you’re not particularly well-known outside a tight circle of customers and industry insiders.

3. Include a Catchphrase or Motto

If you take one thing away from The North Face’s Facebook page, it’s the outdoor apparel maker’s memorable motto: “Never Stop Exploring.” Take a page from Patagonia’s playbook here and include your own catchphrase in your company description, ideally close to the top or in a field separate from the main body. And if you don’t yet have a snappy motto that encapsulates your company’s value proposition, now’s the time to make one.

4. List As Many Products or Solutions As You Can

The North Face’s Facebook page does this pretty well too. If you didn’t already know the company made “Men’s, Women’s, and Youth Jackets, Vests, Outerwear, Snowsports Gear, Pants, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Packs, and Footwear,” well, a five-second stop at its company page will set you straight.

5. Include Geographical References

You don’t have to list your corporate address where it doesn’t make sense to do so, but your company description should definitely allude to your geographical service area. If you’re focusing exclusively on certain markets, you need to make that clear.

6. List Key Customers

These organizations and individuals bolster your company’s credibility. With them in your corner, you’re much likelier to attract investors’ attention. If you play in the B2B space, prominent execs, advisors and board members are essential for customer attraction and retention too.

7. Keep It Brief (But Not Too Brief)

Don’t drone on. The ideal company description has no “correct” length and doesn’t require a hard stop at any point, but you should definitely be wary of wearing out your welcome. Though there’s some disagreement about the precise length of the typical website visitor’s attention span, it’s a mistake to assume you have all day to make your point.

In Your Own Words

You don’t have to be an award-winning wordsmith to put together a great company description. You just have to allow your passion and expertise to shine through. Prospective customers and future employees can spot winners from a mile away.