Worker Worries: The Concerns Affecting Employee Performance


There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t worry about something, although some might worry more than others. If you run a business, you might not hear much about the things that worry your employees, but you can guarantee that they are there. While you might encourage keeping personal and work lives separate, people’s personal problems can unfortunately affect their performance at work. If you want to be a compassionate employer, while also making sure your employees do their best work, you should be aware of what these problems might be and how you can help with them.


Being ill or sustaining an injury is something everyone has to deal with sometimes. While a broken leg or a cold might not impact your business hugely, more long-term issues can. And it’s not just your employees’ own health that could affect them at work, but the health of their friends and family too. To help tackle this issue, you need to consider how you can accommodate people dealing with chronic illnesses or a family member who is ill. One thing that can help is to allow flexible working schedules and even remote working, which makes it easier to handle doctor’s appointments and the like. Adequate medical coverage is also important.

Money Worries

Money is one of the top things that people worry about. It keeps people awake at night and can always be in the back of their mind. If an employee is worrying about money, they could be stressed and distracted while at work. Assistance with managing finances is one of the employee financial perks you could offer, which can help employees deal with their money worries. Better financial education and access to support when they need it can give your staff members what they need to be more confident managing their money.


Personal relationships can also have a huge impact on how people are at work. Whether it’s a relationship with a spouse, a child or a friend, when people are struggling with personal relationships, it can affect them greatly. Often, someone might need to talk or feel that they have the support they need. Some businesses have HR departments that might be equipped to provide assistance with personal problems such as these. Others might use employee assistance programs, which are designed to provide counseling and support to people who might need it.

Job Security

The issue of job security is a concern for many people, and it concerns into money worries too. Some people might be worried if they’re unsure of the future of the company or their position in the company. You can try to be transparent with your employees about what’s happening with your business, but it’s also important not to be too open. There’s no need to mention people losing their jobs unless you have good reason too. When people do leave the company, it’s wise to meet with the remaining employees to provide reassurance.

Personal concerns can affect your employees at work, which has a knock-on effect on your business. If you want them to be happy and work hard, you should take care of them.


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