Tips for Closing More Deals with Your CRM Software


As a passionate entrepreneur, you are highly dedicated to your new company’s success. You may have already purchased customer relationship management (CRM) software and you are excited to use the system to help manage your customer data, clients and contacts, and automate sales. Now that you have it up and running, you are probably wondering how you can use this innovative software to close more deals.

Fortunately, using CRM software to close more deals is quite doable — check out the following ideas:

1. Stay Up-to-Date on the Updates

Like other types of software, CRM will be updated from time to time. As an example, Infor CRM was recently updated to version 8.3.10 and you’ll find articles explaining the difference between 8.3.09 and the new files, as well as how these new changes will help entrepreneurs to maximize their success using this software. In order to help ensure that you get the most out of your CRM software, you might consider investing in CRM consulting; this way you can use your CRM to its full advantage without having to be an expert in all areas pertaining to the software.

2. Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend Entering Data

One of the coolest things about CRM software is automated data entry. Instead of manually reporting every potential customer lead that you obtained at a trade show, a networking event, or a webinar,

CRM software has list importing tools that can automatically keep tabs on this data. As a result, you and your sales team will have more time to follow up with leads on your own, and you can work directly with customers to make more sales.

3. CRM Software Knows What Your Buyers Need

Thanks to your CRM software, you can see when a customer is most likely to buy something from your company, as well as the most effective ways to engage them. When CRM is used along with a marketing automation platform, the data that is collected prior to a sale can help you learn how to more effectively close a deal. For example, the metrics will show you what info a potential customer has downloaded, what types of selling tactics have worked with them in the past, and how they learned about your company.

4. Keep Potential Customers Engaged

Another key way to use CRM software to close more deals is by knowing how to engage your leads. Instead of a traditional spreadsheet, you can launch and monitor your various marketing campaigns with the CRM software and easily identify and keep track of potential customers who are showing interest in what you have to sell. By focusing on these hot prospects and pitching your products and services to them you are more likely to increase sales rather than always looking for new leads.

5. Determine How Long it Takes for a Prospect to Become a Customer

Another effective way to use your CRM software to close more deals is by determining how long it typically takes for a potential customer to become a paying client. Using this info, you can then time your email campaign more effectively. For example, if you see that leads become customers after a week, you and your sales team will follow up on an email with a phone call after about seven days.

You have invested in the technology, now it’s time to use it. By staying on top of the various CRM updates as much as possible, letting it do the data entry work, and learning how to take the information it is collecting, you will be closing more deals in no time.

Why Startups Still Need Excel In 2017


Just because Excel has been around for 30 years doesn’t mean it’s redundant in the ‘age of information’. Excel is still very much needed by businesses of all kinds, including startups. Here’s why:

Finances And Accounting

Excel is one of the simplest and best things you can use for finances and account in 2017. It can be used for outlining financial results, clarifying and setting budgets, forecasts, plans to make big business decisions, and so much more. While it’s always wise to have an accountant on hand, excel can help you to keep track.

Marketing And Product Management

Excel is also useful for marketing and product management. You can use it to list customer sales targets, manage your sales force, and help to plan based on past results. It’s never been easier to manage your strategies and products.

You Can Do Pretty Much Anything With A Spread Sheet

Let’s face it; anybody who has ever worked in an office knows you can do pretty much anything with a spreadsheet. It has a number of diverse uses, and can be used for hours each day in just about any office. Excel will never go anywhere and is still a primary tool that should be used to keep offices in check in 2017.

Excel should be one of the basic things that an office worker uses in their daily tasks. To help you on your journey to becoming an Excel buff, here are 7 essential tricks that every office worker should know:

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