How To Make Client Onboarding As Efficient As Possible


Customer onboarding is an important part of the client service process, as it is your organisation’s chance to make a good first impression and prove to your new client that it is an efficient and professional company.

For businesses that are trying to streamline their customer onboarding process, here are some tips that will help you to give your customers a lasting positive impression of your organisation.

Map The Customer Journey

Before you even begin to create a client onboarding process for you product, service or solution, you need to map out the entire customer journey. This will allow you to review each aspect of the customer journey in your organisation and work out how you can optimize it and create an onboarding process that’ll give your customers the great start to their journey that they deserve.

Research Your Competitor’s Onboarding Processes

Having mapped the customer journey through your own organisation, you should research the consumer journey through your competitors’ businesses, specifically the onboarding process. Select a range of your closet competitors in your sector and then review their customer onboarding process to see if there are any specific techniques they use.

Use An Efficient Customer Verification System

Customer onboarding needs to be secure, but it also has to be user friendly as well. One innovative, secure way to onboard your clients is to use their phone number, instead of their Social Security Number. After all, many consumers don’t feel comfortable handing out their Social Security Number online, whereas they often give their phone number to a variety of different organisations. They are also more likely to have their phone number to hand than other personal details. If you’re interested in using phone numbers as an alternative to Social Security Numbers when onboarding your clients, you can learn more about this here.

Design Unique Email Template

The beginning of any customer onboarding process starts with a welcome email, so create an engaging initial communication that will show your company in the best possible light. Create a template that allows for enough personalization to make it seem friendly and welcoming. You also need to make sure that it’s informative, without giving new clients so much information that they feel overwhelmed.

Make A Product Tutorial

The next step in the customer onboarding process is to create a product tutorial that clients find easy to understand. The best way to show your customers how to use your solution is to create an engaging and informative video tutorial that will show them how to use your product and give them information on all the innovative features it has to offer.

Keep In Contact

As part of your onboarding process you should include additional follow-up contact even after the customer has started using your solution. This will make them feel supported and give them the chance to provide your business with feedback on the product.

These are just some of the ways you can make your firm’s onboarding process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for your clients and start their order as positively as you mean to go on.


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