Why is it Important to Give away Promotional Gifts?


In today’s crowded business market, companies, no matter big or small, are competing more than ever before when it comes to delivering their messages. As businesses keep on launching different types of advertising and marketing companies to attract customers, it becomes tough for one message to stand out from the rest.

Also, the rise in the cost of marketing a new product or service makes it necessary for a company to come up with an effective strategy to promote its business. Therefore, companies make use of corporate branding to bring out their message effectively and efficiently. There are a number of good options available throughout the city when it comes to branded merchandise stores.

Why are promotional gifts useful marketing tools?

  • Unlike a traditional advertisement, promotional company products are hard to miss. A tote bag featuring your logo will grab more attention than a newspaper ad, and it can be used on a day-to-day basis
  • Flyers have become less efficient means of marketing as most of the times; they are either ignored or thrown away. But it is not true in the case of promotional products, for example, t-shirts or stress balls, as they are more like gifts than advertisements
  • Billboards, radio spots, newspaper advertisements and television commercials are excellent, but they are not exactly genuine. Promotional gifts are not only more creative but also more tangible to customers
  • Any experienced marketer can tell you about the high costs of traditional marketing methods. Promotional gifts are easily available in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, such that there is something for every budget, although if it is just a key chain

How are promotional gifts used regarding marketing?

  • Promo gifts rapidly spread the word about your business. People love gifts and samples, and clients are likely to tell their friends about the personalized products you distributed with your friendly slogan
  • Employees deserve rewards for their hard work and dedication, and high-ticket promotional gifts can improve morale and reinforce loyalty
  • Sending follow-up emails to clients is always smart, but giving a high-quality promotional gift is even better. For example, sending a gift like a table calendar after a big sale can bring you some repeat business
  • A lot of firms print coupons on promotional pens or provide t-shirts that entitle customers to avail discounts. There is no limit to what all you can do if you get creative with your promo items
  • By making use of your custom merchandise as prizes, you will give winners what they want and expose your brand at the same time

How to distribute your promotional products?

  • Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing mediums as it puts your message directly into customer’s hands. You will need potential client’s names and addresses to pull this off though, as mail sent to current resident always ends up in the round file. Also, it is important to pre-calculate your shipping costs
  • Trade shows normally have a wide variety of attendees from several career fields. It means there are ample opportunities to market your brand and get new clients. There tends to be a lot of competition at conventions. Hence, you need to work hard to customize a stand-out promotional gift that will attract clients
  • Conferences are excellent resources to market to others within your industry and meetings give you the chance to meet face-to-face with customers. Providing participants with a personalised gift for attending your seminar will surely give a boost to your brand

These were the importance of giving promotional gifts and how they prove to be beneficial for your brand. Hope you find this article informative and helpful.


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