The Importance of Exploring Pay as You Go Delivery Options for Your SME


Being a start-up can feel like an aggravating process. Resources are limited, and capabilities have a ceiling that can only be raised inch by inch. Consequently, many SME’s feel a fire to get out there and meet their thousands of potential customers, but simply lack the means of doing so. Put simply, it can be a punishing confinement, only beaten by a long waiting game and long slogs of hard work.

However, any enterprise no matter how big or small must get out there and establish itself. The back-alley corner shop won’t suffice alone, and it’s important to have a physical presence beyond the borders of the building. Subsequently, delivery options are a great way to stay relevant and in contact with consumers and clients so long as it follows a viable scheme.

Among the variety of ways a business can improve its delivery services, the pay as you go model is often a missed opportunity. Here’s why:

Saving Money

Many SMEs crave that constant connection with their customers, pumping their assets into a delivery scheme that charges them monthly or annually. Of course, this can be crippling to the cashflow.

However, with pay as you go, start-ups are only paying for what they use, undeniably saving money in the long run. It’s also a sensible way forward if your SME is facing substantial debt, allowing a cost effective method that doesn’t drain all resources. After all, there are cheap pay as you go delivery options through TNT, fostering an occasional service more than a regularly expensive b2b relationship with a delivery company.

Ultimately, it’s a measured approach, using meticulous strategy to find the best deal. Start-ups can’t afford to invest in a long-term scheme, so the pay as you go tariffs provide that much needed aspect of controlled spending.

Saving Time

Those who carry out their own deliveries are burdened with additional costs and time consumptions; vehicle purchase, vehicle storage and vehicle maintenance all factor into the proceedings.

However, thanks to companies such as TNT, these courier services take over those duties themselves. The arrangements are conducted by quickly filling out a form, listing the details of package and parcel as they handle the rest. Undoubtedly, this method relieves a lot of pressure and responsibility on the SME, with a secure peace of mind for the start-up moving forward.

Undeniably, start-ups must direct their attention and resources to their business alone, and running a delivery service within their company will inevitably be incompatible with their early aims, objectives and resources.

Helping the Couriers

Despite their constant mobility and long hours, couriers themselves are in for a constantly tough ride. It’s undoubtedly a difficult role, one that is critically undervalued in the UK.

Nationwide, couriers are treated unfairly in the current climate, citing a low or even total absence of pay. They are not paid hourly, but by each delivery and often earn under the national minimum wage. Consequently, start-ups especially should feel that desire to help ‘the little guy’ and use pay as you go delivery services regularly, committing to a delivery method that is helpful to all.  

Ultimately, the pay as you go process gives back under that broken system, so it’s an option worth exploring in that it benefits more than the SME alone.

Comparisons in UK Delivery Companies

Inevitably, with the limited options and resources of the start-up, they will certainly scour the web and their contacts to secure the best deal. After all, there is more than only one delivery service out there!

However, parcel delivery experts frequently list the frontrunners in the sector, with TNT being firmly established among the best parcel delivery services in the UK. It’s a reliable and on-hand tool, with the statistics on show to inspire an informed decision. Every budget is valid under such services, with surcharges listed for a transparent transaction.

Ultimately, SME’s don’t need to wonder if they have secured the best deal. The information is all readily available at the click of a button!


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