Knowing The Startup Gaps In The Market


There’s quite a few gaps in the market these days it seems. With so much attention put upon the new and technology viable, there’s a lot to do elsewhere. Here’s a bit of an insight into the areas that need the most work when it comes to building your own business into a booming success.

Do Your Research

Having a target market is one thing, but knowing where to find your market is another. If you have an idea, then marketing it is going to take a bit of practice and preparation. Actually, a lot of it.

Do a content analysis of the products or services similar to yours. Follow the trends where you can in your social media research, as this is where people are the most truthful about what they think. Surf business pages and review sites for the common themes in

The Technology Market

Of course, the big gap there is in all markets across the world is that of technology. Whilst it may be an already heavily emphasised market, there’s a good reason for it. There’s an awful lot a person can invent or come up with, and they all have their own purposes or act as add on products. That’s how the bigger companies keep us investing in their product lines.

Going along a similar vein, follow the technology trends that people have when it comes to using mobile or drone technology, and try to fill the customer complaint gaps with your own business. Do your market research properly and don’t copy business models; notice that the Amazon Echo and Google Home are practically indistinguishable from each other. Create what people need and you’ll have them flocking to review your product.

Of course, that also means you can offer services in terms of these mass marketed products. Each brand of new technology are going to need their own maintenance centers due to the amount of variance in software these days. You can bridge this gap with your startup!

Vehicle Rental

We see ads on the television a lot from companies that offer out their use of a fleet, but notice how they’re only made by 2 or 3 companies. Often with the most popular or well known brands, they only offer select types of vehicles; usually commercial cars and vans that can be given back the same day and have no extra risk to them.

This is where you can come in. Take businesses like that of Flex Fleet Rental, who offer out heavy goods vehicles for simple renting times. With newer businesses like this on the block, a lot of money can be made from advertising to light engineering companies, like those working in plumbing, electrical, or construction.

When you have an idea, you want to be able to take it straight to the top immediately. However, there’s always something extra to do in terms of planning and researching. Keep up with every new niche and corner that appears to take your business up.


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