New “Fame” Game Could Get You A Whole Lotta Twitter Followers (For A Day?)

Adam Ludwin a Principal at RRE Ventures and some developer friends have created an interesting new game called “Fame”. The purpose is to raffle off Twitter followers. One lucky person each day will be followed by everyone who has entered the contest. According to their website as of the time of this posting the current pot of followers is 359 followers.

How does this work exactly?  Well you login to the game at with your Twitter account. You are then in the daily drawing along with everyone else who enters that day.  Logging in gets you one chance to win that day. Tweeting about Fame gives you ten more entries per day, and if your Tweet gets more people to sign up, you get one raffle chance per new entrant that signs up using your link.

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How is this possible? Well Twitter’s API’s actually let a developer add and remove followers from a users account. The Winner of the day is followed by everyone who entered for that day. At the end of the day Fame removes those followers, but some may stick around if you offer good content.

It appears that Fame will only make you famous for a day but we’ve put a call into Ludwin just to confirm that.

Would you like to be famous for a day? Twitter says it’s ok. They’re looking at it as a way of expanding the Twitter ecosystem.

source: SAI


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