Ikea Introduces New Knappa Cardboard Digital Camera

Ikea is the largest retailer of framed artwork in the world. They area also known for their flat laying furniture. I remember as a kid being amazed that everything that came from Ikea came in a box. It’s also the place for great swedish meatballs, cheap batteries and even cheaper trash cans and toilet plungers.

Now the Swedish furniture empire has added cheap digital cameras. How cheap? How’s free?

Ikea has introduced a new Knappa cardboard digital camera. The 2.3 megapixel camera is made out of one piece of cardboard, 2 batteries and a circuit board that houses the entire rest of the camera.

In a promotional video Ikea touts their great zooming function, just stretch your arms out. They also show their unique image stabilization function that greatly increases the clarity of the photo. Simply rest your elbows on a stationary chair and hold the camera tightly, voila it’s that easy.

The shutter time is nothing to write home about, from picture to picture you’re looking at about 8 seconds. It also only holds 40 pictures.

The idea behind the new cardboard camera is to use it to take pictures of Ikea’s new PS2012 collection and upload them to an Ikea furniture sharing social networking type site.

You can delete your pictures when you mass upload them to your computer or by holding a paperclip into the delete button.

There’s no word on whether they will sell these cameras after the promotional period or how long the promotional period will last however it’s actually a good idea to have them handy at Ikea in case a customer comes in without a digital camera or cell phone and wants to take photos of the exciting furniture, after all, Ikea is the DisneyLand of furniture stores.

Source: GizMag


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