Interview With The Co-Founder Of Boulder Startup: MobileDay, Just About Effortless Conference Calling

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m not typically about the sexiest apps. I rarely play games, although Songpop has me hooked right now, and I’m not looking for the coolest way to share anything most of the time, because I’m too busy on conference calls.

I could scream at the top of my lungs that email and texting work better for me. I could put an outgoing voicemail message that says email and texting works better for me (and I have) but each and everyday there are three to five people that insist on having conference calls. What irritates me even more is when the conference call, using a bridge, is with just one person… yo dude just call me directly.

So when I came across MobileDay a sigh of relief was let out. You see when nibletz took on the responsibility of being the voice of startups “everywhere else” and then we got some help from a research analyst at Kauffman, we found out that there are hundreds of thousands of startups “everywhere else”. There are a lot of people in the world who want to talk and tell their story, and above everything I really want to listen.

My conference calls aren’t so bad, I’ve actually learned a lot and planned some great things via conference call. But anyone who takes conference calls on a regular basis (Read just about any strartup founder’s daily routine), knows how cumbersome setting the call up can be.

First off there are hundreds of different conference call services, and without a doubt every single person who wants a conference call with me uses a different one. 

Next, they typically have some 7-11 digit number that you need to call into to connect to “your party”. Well it doesn’t matter if I’m calling from my iPhone or my Android phone du jour, no smartphone has been able to allow you to dial into a number, press one number than automatically dial in another number, like the conference calls ID.

So whether I’m sitting in the office (yes we have an office), or sitting at home (got one of those too) or on the road (which is 90% of the time) I have to fumble through my calendar, emails or heck even text messages to get all the necessary information to “hop on the call” listen people since the most conventional conference call applications have been out there’s been know such thing as just “hopping on” a conference call… until now  (wow 400+ words to get to that part)

Boulder startup MobileDay is that conference call participants dream app. Once the conference call is loaded into the app it reminds you of your call and than voila one touch of the screen and you’re not just on the conference calls service, you’ve dialed the “bridge” number too.  They’ve got even more features on the way that will make attending, postponing or notifying conference participants easier too.

This comes in particularly handy on the nibletz sneaker-strapped nationwide startup roadtrip because taking a conference call driving through Indiana (sorry Nick), Arkansas, or even up and down 95 can be a pain in the ass with call drops (and I’m on Verizon).  So if you get disconnected it’s the same simple easy process to get back on the call. All you have to do is touch the button, and then wait to “say your name to enter the conference”.

So what’s even better than MobileDay is that we got a few minutes to interview MobileDay co-founder Brad Dupee and I must say Brad with Steve Jobs gone you may be the next person to make my life easier.

Interview below

What is MobileDay?
MobileDay is a mobile software application for business that provides One-Touch access into any conference call, whether a host or a guest of the call.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
Jim Haid – (LinkedIn)
Priyan Guneratne – (LinkedIn)
Brad Dupee – (LinkedIn)
 (see normally we cut all these links out but we love MobileDay so check out their linked in Profiles)
Where are you based?
Beautiful ( but burning ) Boulder, CO

What’s the startup culture like in Boulder?
Boulder provides MobileDay with an unprecedented community of startup experience, sharing and resources to get our business off the ground and now running!

Colorado overall Venture Rank -

What problem does MobileDay solve?
MobileDay exponentially reduces the time and frustration involved with entering conference calls from an iPhone or Android phone with One-Touch entry into ANY conference call.
No more dialing 25-30 digits to enter a call…hopefully not while driving!  MobileDay provides One-Touch entry into any conference call, whether you are a call host or a guest invited to someone else’s conference call.

Smartphones are very convenient. ‘There is an app for that’…for just about everything. Even the native apps are convenient but lack interoperability that makes simple business tasks any easier.  It’s just not always easy to use your smartphone because there are so many apps to manage this way.  MobileDay’s first feature solves this frustrating and common business problem for conference calls. 

What is your secret sauce?
MobileDay is simple because it works for ANY conference call on any conferencing service. 
What’s one challenge you’ve overcome in the startup process?

Developing an app that works across any conference service provider or conference call for a mobile user has been a tremendous but fulfilling challenge.  No one else but MobileDay does this universally like we do do to the problem’s breadth and complexity.
What’s next for MobileDay?
more One-Touch access to other communications services via data voice apps and video.

Find out more about MobileDay here
Download the life changing MobileDay here from Google Play
Download the magical MobileDay here from the iTunes store
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