Nobl’s New Name Highlights the Company’s Attitude


healthcare reform

“Healthcare reform” is kind of a dirty word these days. Love or hate the new changes in the law, it’s safe to say, we’re all pretty saturated with “healthcare reform” talk.

With that in mind, Lincoln, Nebraska-based SynersScan Technologies is moving away from association with healthcare reform by announcing a new name that describes its purpose: Nobl.

“A lot of people get a sour taste in their mouth when hearing the term ‘healthcare reform.’ because all they see is what makes headlines in the news,” Nobl CEO Brett Byman said in a statement. “They don’t see the effort being made to improve quality of care, promote transparency, and ensure the safety of patients all over the country. We see this effort as incredibly noble, and that is why we are so passionate about the industry as a whole.”

For their part, Nobl has spent the last year developing software that will increase patient satisfaction in hospitals. They’ve rigorously tested the software with the very people who will be using it–nurses.

“We understand how frustrating is is for nurses to be forced to use software that was built by people who have never stepped foot in a hospital before,” Byman said.

With that frustration in mind, the company tested and iterated the software, using nurses instead of hospital administrators as the customers.

Along with a rebrand, new offices, and a new software, Nobl also closed a $200k angel round at the end of 2013. Like other great startups everywhere else, they are going into 2014 ready to solve problems that the Valley just may not realize exists.

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