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We know you have more than a couple of smart devices lying around, and each one of those has a camera on it. We’re all used to taking pictures and videos with our cameras, but there’s no way to live stream that content from one device to another. Until now. European startup SeeUMe recently released their livestreaming app to the Kindle Fire and are looking to expand into several other app marketplaces. The technology allows you to record video and instantly stream it to any device with an Internet connection. Check out our Q&A with SeeUMe and find out some of the ways this technology could make your life better. (Hint: it involves your children in one place while you relax with a margarita.) What is your startup called?


 What’s the story behind your idea?

Everybody has smart devices, most of them are connected to the internet and a lot of those have one or more camera. We thought it was weird that we were not using these capabilities to stream live video footage from one device to the other. We could think of a dozen of reason why livecasting would be both fun and practical. So why weren’t we all doing it? The components for live video streaming are out there, but bringing them together is very complex. It requires a lot technical configuration or huge costs. We felt we could change this. We thought starting 2014 everybody should be a livecaster.

Who are the founders, and what are their backgrounds?

Dave Kiwi: Dutch entrepreneur and founder of Internet consulting company. Dave Kiwi has extensive consulting, entrepreneurial and management experience. Andrei Varanovich: co-founder of technology company ObjectMeet. Andrei is 6 times in a row awarded as Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft. He is also a PhD candidate in Computer Science. Where are you based? Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Koblenz (Germany)

What’s the startup scene like where you are based?

The market was traditionally dominated by “security” and “web” cameras with the wide spectrum of capabilities and price ranges. They are not originally indented for the personal live streaming. The closest service is – however, they are producing their own Wi-Fi cameras, which is more expensive and less available for everyone. They also require an app to watch the video, while SEEUME works for every device with modern web browser.

What problem do you solve?

Enjoy your family having fun at home while you are at work. Keep an eye on your kids pretending to sleep in your hotel room while you are having a drink in the lobby. Share the unwrapping of Christmas presents with your parents while they are on holiday abroad. All in real-time in Full HD from the browser of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

SEEUME transforms smart devices in to live video cameras and offers a platform for distribution of full HD live video content to other computers, tablets or smartphones. SEEUME gives casters total control over their cast and supports sharing and access management of video streams with friends and family.

Why now? The explosion of Smart devices with powerful processors and great camera’s make processing and transcoding of (full HD) video possible. High speed (mobile) networks make transport possible. The roll-out of 4G mobile networks will improve this situation even more. Last but not least the standardization of internet protocols (like HTML 5) supports streaming live video in a lot of (mobile) browsers.

 What are some of the milestones your startup has already reached?

After nine months of hard work we are happy and also a little proud to inform you that the beta version of SEEUME was launched and our livecasting app released in the Amazon Appstore last week. What are your next milestones? 1)    Optimization of mobile viewing of video streams 2)    Roll out of the livecasting app to other devices than Kindle Fire and other appstores

 Where can people find out more?

Any social media links you want to share?

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