Some Investors Prefer the Old Ways



Rob Go, Next View Ventures

A lot of things are evolving in the startup and VC world. Many of them for the better, as there has been a great surge in great talent going after big ideas and greater NibzNotes3access to capital at the early stages.  It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur and investor in this ecosystem.

But I find myself lamenting some things that seem to be changing. Or at least, things that used to be very rare, that are becoming less so.  I’m pretty new to VC in the grand scheme of things, but I do think that are some old school idea that are being lost or forgotten that I tend to agree with.  Here are three old-school ideas in particular I’ve been thinking about.

1. Knowing your investors. 

This seems like common sense.  In the early stages, entrepreneurs have historically known who all their investors are.  Entrepreneurs will certainly know the VC’s that led their round, and they certainly know the friends and family that invested in their companies.  Often early rounds included angel investors, and these usually fell into two categories.  The first were people who know the founder really well, and believe in them.  They wrote a check because they believed in the talents of the founder and wanted to support him or her.





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