697: Mark Sisson: A Primal Entrepreneur with the keys to YOUR success!

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By John Lee Dumas

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Business Failure

  • Mark was CRUSHING the frozen yogurt world in the early 80’s. He could have gone on to become the yogurt King, but he made this one critical mis-step that brought down the house of cards.

Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment

  • Perseverance… passion… marathon… all keys to what has turned into Mark’s MASSIVE success.

Current Business

  • Mark is fired up about the expert certification course for Primal. He continues to lead the way, and Fire Nation, I suggest you jump on board!

Small Business Resource

  • F.lux: Is your computer keeping you up late? f.lux is free software that warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting.

Best Business Book

Interview Links

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