How To Launch Your Product With A Bang


Your business is only as good as its flagship product. Where would Apple be without the iPhone? 66% of the company’s entire revenue comes from this one product. Most big corporations work in a similar way. Another thing you’ll learn from Apple is their fantastic ability to launch a product.

Launching a product determines how successful it will become in the long run. The bigger your explosion on the launch day, the further you reach. You’re looking for the biggest possible explosion of media attention and consumer interest. Followed by a long tail sales spree as more and more people hear about your product. Whether you’re a tech company or an e-commerce seller, here’s how you launch with a bang.

Make sure the product is perfect

Your product launch will only succeed if you have a killer product. You need something that gets people excited. Something the media wants to talk about. Start by honing the product to perfection. Get detailed user feedback, make a new prototype, do more market research. Don’t leave any stone unturned before you launch. You can’t go back afterwards! Another trick is to create a compelling story about your product. Something the press and media can use to write about.

Get opinion leaders on board early

There are certain people, groups, or publications in every industry that are considered ‘opinion leaders’. They are blogs, media types, and social media personalities. Send your product to the most influential YouTubers, Instagrammers, and buzz-blogs. If you can get them talking about it, the rest of the industry will follow. Send a few free samples to key individuals, along with a passionate letter.

PR company

Launching a product without a PR company on board is tantamount to failure. A PR company are experienced professionals who know how to secure media coverage. They have relationships with journalists. They know the right people to approach. A good PR company will get your product in all the right magazines, blogs, and newspaper supplements. Without them, you won’t generate the kind of buzz you need.

Launch event

Remember we talked about Apple and their product launches? Well, the one thing they do better than anyone else is a launch event. They build up the buzz and excitement for months before hosting an enormous launch event. Take their lead, and invite all the most influential people to one big event. If you’ve never held a launch before, team up with an events company like Envisage Promotions. Make it a night to remember, and use the opportunity to network with the industry professionals.

Take pre-orders

The unfortunate thing about buzz and hype is that it dies as fast as it appears! If you’ve created some excitement around your product, capitalise on it immediately. Start running pre-orders so that interested parties can buy your new product. It gives the product a feeling of exclusivity, and it will encourage a flood of quick sales!

Learn from the best. Learn from Apple, who always launch a product in a flurry of excitement, whispers, and rumours. Make the biggest possible splash, and reap the rewards for months to come.


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