Five Amazing Tools For Your New Office


You’ve got a killer business idea. You’ve already found a bunch of amazing people to join your company. You’ve also found the perfect office space. What else does your startup need? Well, the office needs to be kitted out with the right equipment for starters. This means all the latest technology appliances, comfy furniture and state-of-the-art IT software. There are many different brands and models out on the market these days. Not sure what will help to turnover a tidy profit? Here is a list of five amazing tools every new office should have.

A Phone System

You will need more than a basic landline. As well as standard phones that can make and receive external calls, you will need to be able to make internal phone calls. Most phone plans often include external and internal calls together on the bill. Speak to your chosen company and see if they have any extras they can add. Some offer conference calling and data networks. Think about what you need from a phone system before signing on the dotted line for one.

A Water Cooler

Employees will love hanging around the water cooler having a gossip. It will also keep them refreshed. Water is great to help aid concentration and memory, therefore, helping them hit all their targets. It’s also a great idea to offer free healthy snacks, like fruits and yoghurt. This is another fab morale booster for the workforce while helping them stick to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Sufficient Filing

You’ll probably already have filing cabinets for all your paperwork and important documents. But is it sufficient for your needs? The more filling space you have, the better. This allows you to keep all your papers highly organised in an efficient manner. If you don’t have enough space, you will end up stuffing everything together and important documents could end up damaged or missing.

Comfy Office Chairs

A comfy office chair for every employee is very important. Not only does it make their day more comfortable, but it will also bring many health benefits. The right chair can help with posture and will prevent any back pain that can come with working on a computer all day. If your employees prefer, you could always get them a standing desk. These desks are designed to be used while standing.and not only improve blood circulation but prevent slouching as well.

Office Pet

Do you have a dog? Bring it to work! If you don’t, maybe one of your employees does. Lots of modern offices allow people to bring their dogs into work with them. It’s been shown that pets can help reduce stress levels and depression. Having a pet around will help boost the morale in your office. Happy workers mean productive workers! Not only that, but it also means the dog won’t be home alone all day while their owner is at work.

With all these great additions to your office, you’ll really notice an improvement in the efficiency and mood of your workforce!



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