Top Tech That Your Startup Should Invest In


Are you starting your own business on a somewhat limited budget? If so, then accounting for the expenses of pricey tech gear is probably at the forefront of your mind. Startups, like your own, are very limited in what resources that they can go out and invest in. Therefore, it’s important that you know what is out there, and what is most beneficial for your company to spend its hard-earned cash on! It’s all part of setting up a successful business. So, check it out below.


Investing in 4K is a no-brainer if your company shoots and outputs a lot of video. If you are a video production startup, then this is simply the only way you’re going to be able to land any clients. 4K is fast becoming the industry standard when it comes to pixel density. So, don’t fall behind the times by continuing to upload your promotional content in 1080p. Standard HD cameras shoot a resolution four times less pixel-dense than that of a 4K one. Therefore, be sure to invest in the latest tech to keep your startup at the top of the game. Cameras, drones, and even some smartphones all come with 4K recording capabilities, too. There’s plenty of ways to get in on the action!

Client Portal Software

Certain software can be the centre-point of any business, and without it, many feel lost. If you invest in client portal software, then you’ll never look back. If your startup deals with multiple clients, then this is a great way to manage all of them from one system, remotely. Client Portal Software is an excellent file sharing and client collaboration solution. It will enable your staff to work on projects on an array of devices with employees from other businesses. This means engagement, customer service and collaboration will be at an all-time high. Your company is bound to get a good name on LinkedIn simply for that! The customer portal is especially useful. Allowing users to view, edit and collaborate on documents with a handy chat feature available in-line with the software, too. This is a sound investment!


Finally, invest in business smartphones for all of your employees. At a startup, the chances are that you’re going to be managing a fairly small team. It is, therefore, vital that everybody is on the same wavelength. Windows Phone smartphones connect seamlessly with Outlook. So, if you organise your business’ contacts, calendars and emails via the Microsoft service, then this may be the platform you look to go for. An Outlook app is available for iOS and Android devices too, though, should you not wish to splash out on new hardware. The benefit of getting everybody sync up is so that there is an increased level of productivity. Nobody will miss a meeting again if their phone is buzzing to tell them that it starts in five minutes time.


Hopefully, this post has advised you on what tech to splash your cash on when it comes to owning a small startup business. These three technological innovations are likely to get you the best value for money. Plus, they’ll improve the professionalism of your business, too.


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