A Step By Step Guide To Designing A Productive Workplace

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Your working environment has a major bearing on your productivity. You may lack motivation if you work in a run down old office, which is filled with outdated technology and rickety chairs. If you are greeted with bright lights and fancy gadgets designed to make your working day easier, you may be more inspired. If you’re setting up a new business or you’re eager to overhaul your current premises, this guide should help.

Think about location and space

Before you even start looking for suitable premises for your new business, think carefully about location. Do you need to be close to rail or road links? Is there a sustainable workforce in the area? Do you need to think about face to face meetings with clients, representatives or colleagues? Are you are launching a business, which relies on face to face sales? Is there going to be a constant stream of people going in and out? If so, choose a location close to major roads and rail routes. If you’re not reliant on transport links, and you have a very small team, you may wish to avoid urban areas and commuter hotspots to save money.

You’ll also need to think about the space you need. How many employees will you have? What kinds of rooms do you need? Will you need a stock room or a series of meeting rooms? Do you want individual offices, or an open plan set-up? Do you need a data centre? Will you need a reception area? Go through the figures and once you have an idea of square footage, you can start your search.

The design process

You want your workers to feel inspired when they turn up on a Monday morning, so put some thought into the design process. Think about colours, prints and versatility. Create an attractive space, which looks smart and professional. Retain a sense of formality and have more fun in communal areas, such as staff rooms.

Buying high-quality office equipment is essential. Your employees must feel comfortable at their desks. You should also take steps to promote efficiency and modern working styles. Invest in up to date technology and consider the value of innovative office gadgets.


Once your office is up and running, maintenance is vital. Schedule regular safety tests for electrical appliances. Call in the experts to find out more about data centre cooling and air conditioning. Update software programs and ensure staff members have the relevant training. Carry out regular risk assessment and ensure any repair work is completed quickly.

Setting up a new business can be daunting. Finding the perfect office space may be tricky, but once you’re up and running, you’ll never look back. Follow these simple steps to choose the best location and provide your workforce with all the tools they need to succeed. Keep on top of maintenance jobs and try to move with the times. Technology plays an increasingly important role in modern business. Investing in it can help to increase productivity significantly.


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