Get More Online Traffic With These Techniques


So, you’ve got a great business model, a stunning website, and an incredible product or service to offer. So what’s missing? Traffic! If your target audience aren’t finding their way to your website, then your sales figures are going to look pretty bleak. Obviously, there’s much more to business than simply being seen. However, healthy web traffic is an important first step. Here are three great methods for getting more.

Pay Per Click

First, PPC. If you needed a thousand visitors yesterday, then this is probably the way to go. PPC is a popular choice because of its fast results, and its relative affordability. It works by posting ads for your business in the borders of relevant search results. That means that you’ll be targeting web users who are already looking for a company like yours. In case you weren’t aware, PPC stands for “pay per click”. This means that you only pay for your advertising when someone clicks on the ad. This gives it a considerable edge over your average online ads. Be warned, though. As soon as you opt out of the service, you’re likely to see a massive drop in traffic!

Guest Blogging

Next up, guest blogging. You’ve probably heard of this before, given its massive popularity in the modern day. It links in closely with SEO tactics and backlinks. This tactic entails composing and publishing articles on websites other than your own. Typically, these posts are subtle and non-promotional, but include a link to your business’s website. This will therefore improve your organic search result rankings. When choosing a blog to pitch too, take your time. As you can imagine, not all of them are of equal value! Obviously, the blog needs to be relevant to your industry. Aside from that, you should check that it gets a healthy flow of visitors itself. Simply getting links out there doesn’t guarantee anything. Guest blogging campaigns are a fine science, with a lot to learn and understand.

Social Media Campaigns

Finally, social media campaigns. This is where your business is going to be more visible than anywhere else. Social media marketing is one of the most useful ways for any business to drive traffic to their site. If you’re in your early days, then you probably don’t have the resources for a full-blown campaign. If you can set yourself up on just one though, make it Facebook. This has more active users than any other network, and offers companies tools for crafting great promotions. It’s no good just making a page and sitting there though. Make sure you’re engaging with your customers, and getting across a friendly, human brand image. Make your company as visible as possible on social media. Soon, you’ll see your traffic figures shooting up!

These three techniques are fantastic ways for improving your web traffic. Once you’ve got them on your site, the real work starts! The next thing you need to worry about is conversion, and turning browsers into customers. Digital marketing is a large and complex subject. The more you engage with it though, the simpler it will become!


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