Can NFL Head Coaches Teach You Anything About Leadership? (Psst..Of Course They Can)


The new NFL season has only just got underway. But we’ve already seen that the head coaches have a monumental role to play in leading their respective teams to success. As a business owner, your impact on the staff isn’t too dissimilar. So it’s no surprise to hear that you can learn a thing or two from those leaders at the top of their sport.

An NFL coach’s daily activities may be a complete contrast to what you’re used to. Then again, the methods and basic principles are linked. Use these nuggets of wisdom gained from the sport, and your business will soon be driving towards the end zone.

What are you waiting for? Let’s kick things off in style.


Tactics are everything in American football. However, it’s the coach who is responsible for masterminding the victory. You are responsible for ensuring that your company conducts its business in a more effective manner than its competitors.

Playing to the strengths of the company and the employees is vital. If you are truly focused on building a winning team, you must get the recruitment process right. It’s not simply a case of hiring people with the best skills. You need to find the right additions for your business, which means screening personalities too.

In the NFL, teams have one set of players for offense and defense. The lesson to learn here is that different groups need contrasting instructions. As long as those methods are focused towards the overall success of the company, you won’t go far wrong.


Finding those winning formulas is one thing. But getting the team to carry out those instructions is another altogether. The only way you’ll ever achieve this goal, on the football field or in the office, is to establish a strong sense of communication.

Technology can be used to your advantage. Using visual aids can enhance a presentation while video conferencing can help manage other areas of the business. Either way, one thing we can learn from the NFL is the importance of being concise. Coaches have seconds to express their ideas. If you can learn to keep team meetings short and to the point, you’ll have a far greater chance of success.

Let’s face it; time is money. Every second counts, just as it does in sport, and you should not lose sight of this fact.


Like an NFL coach, you are relying on your team to perform. Therefore, it’s your job to do everything in your power to keep them in the right mindset to thrive. Ultimately, that means ensuring that the working environment is as positive as it can possibly be.

Prevention is the best form of protection. But you should still be prepared for those bad situations by investing in first aid supplies and other key items. It’s equally imperative to ensure that the data protection facilities are of the highest standard. In truth, this isn’t only key for your employees – it’s key for customers too.

An NFL coach is tasked with keeping his players fit and healthy. As an entrepreneur, your job is to keep the staff motivated and happy. Use team bonding sessions to further enhance those positive vibes, and you will build a more cohesive unit. And with the team firing on all cylinders, there’s no limit to what you’ll achieve.


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