Boost Your Retail Sales This Christmas With These Simple Tips


It’s the time of year when all retailers are preparing for the Christmas rush.For many stores, the month leading up to the festive period accounts for half their year’s earnings. And with the likes of Amazon sucking up the business from physical retailers like there is no tomorrow, there is a lot to be worried about. However, put a few different things in place before the holiday season, and you should have a successful period. Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to get more people into your store and make more sales this Christmas.

Announce a sale

There’s a good reason why so many retail giants start their sales in the build up to Christmas – it’s because they work. Getting people into your store is critical, as it’s such a valuable time. And if you can provide the local community with the best sale in your area, they will flood in. You could try arranging a single sales day, where you offer huge discounts on a set range. If it’s worthwhile, people will come through the door, and increase their average spend.

Start hiring temp staff

Now is the time to start hiring temporary staff. You will need them to cover the enormous amount of extra work that will arise, and be on hand to deliver the results you expect. But they also need a lot of training between now and when it gets busy. The latest you want your temp staff on board is the beginning of November. And later than that and you risk sending new staff onto the floor at a critical period. Customer service could take a nosedive, sales could slip, and you will regret it.

Invest in mobile payment systems

Your retail outlet is likely to be packed full of people waiting to buy products in the run up to Christmas. There will be enormous queues, and if people aren’t willing to hold on, they will look elsewhere. So, make sure you have the ability to take payments out on the floor. Find a merchant account provider that offers mobile payments or handheld POS systems if possible. It will reduce your queues, give customers a better experience, and boost your sales by a significant amount.

Hold an event

Another creative way of driving more people to your store is by holding an event. People love coming to something a little different. Whether it’s a midnight opening or a gig by a favorite local band, it will get them through the door. One thing to bear in mind is that your event has to give your customers a benefit. It might be the chance to learn a new skill, or just to get their hands on a fantastic product. But if there are no benefits, people will not come.

Use email

Email is a great way to entice people into your store. Remind them you exist, offer them a special coupon, and they will choose you over the competition – it’s that easy.

Do you have any other tips for driving sales at Christmas? Let us know about them below!


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