4 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Awesome Content


Take a look at a lot of the SEO advice on the web these days, and there is still a lot of focus on content. Create excellent content, they say, and everything will fall into place. And while there is a smidgen of truth here, in the vast majority of cases, great content isn’t enough.

The fact is that creating fantastic posts and content for your site is a good starting point. But to say it will solve all your search and traffic problems is misleading, to say the least. Let’s take a look at why your content alone isn’t good enough to improve your website’s performance.

What makes great content?

Before we begin, let’s talk about the content that you think is awesome. You might have enjoyed writing it. You might even love reading it. But the acid test of success is whether anyone else likes it. You need all your content to be at least two of four things. Entertaining, relevant to your audience, helpful, and unique. If you can tick off all four at the same time, yes; your content probably is excellent.

Who is seeing it?

The next thing to consider about your content is its relevance to your industry. Are you using the right keywords with the right frequency to signal to the likes of Google that you should rank at number one? There will be technical SEO issues to sort out, too. Can Google’s bots index your site, and categorize it correctly? And, something that is becoming more important than ever before do Google’s customers like your content? Let’s take a closer look at that now.

Who is linking to it?

Google uses links to your content as user feedback. So, it follows that the more people that link to your content, the more signals Google sees. Not all links are created equal, either. A link from a highly respected industry figure is a lot more potent than a rookie website owner, for example. But how do you go about getting links? Well, you can always go down the DIY route, although it can cost you a lot in time. You might be better off using a white label link building service or contacting an SEO agency that specializes in links. Don’t underestimate the power of great links – and always be on the search for better link sources.

Who is sharing it?

The above strategies will help your content rank high in the search engines. But there is another route to consider – sharing. If you can provide your audience with awesome content, they will happily spread it around like wildfire. They will post it on their social media, email it to friends and colleagues, and with a little luck you could end up going viral. Not only will this lead to more website visitors, but Google is starting to take an active interest in social shares. So, it will also have a positive effect on your rankings.

So, there you have it. Four potential problems solved on the subject of poor performing content. Create it, optimize it, and share it – you will experience a lot more success.


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