How to Increase Your Sales Through a Well-designed Website


Let’s face it, your website can make or break your chances of turning web traffic into repeat clients.  The fonts and colors you choose, your graphic design, and even the layout can have an impact as to whether or not you can convert clicks to clients.  So what exactly do you need to do to make your site stand out?  Here are some tips to increase sales through a well-designed website.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Site is Free of Clutter

It may be tempting to include lots of information on the landing page, but be careful not to put too much information on it.  The human brain has a tendency to stop processing information when it is presented with too many options.  Keep paragraphs short and to the point. Avoid competing calls to action, visual clutter, or too many links that might draw the eye of the reader away from what is most important on the page.

Tip #2:  Professional Photos are a Good Investment

Visual images can draw a reader’s eye and create an emotional connection to the page’s content.  Good photos create a professional look to your website and they are also aesthetically pleasing.  A savvy visitor can recognize when the photos are of poor quality, and these days, with so much information readily available to view, people looking at your website can often recognize generic photos.  And if your photos are generic, what kind of message does that send about your business?  It is a good strategy to invest in quality photography for your site.

Tip #3:  Create a Professional Looking Logo and Strategically Place It On Your Site

As with professional photos, it is also important to design a professional logo.  Your logo is a key element to your brand and is what customers are going to use to identify you Once you have the perfect logo, make sure it is prominently placed on your website using a high-resolution image.  It is also a good idea to feature it in the top left corner of your pages and link it back to the homepage of your site.

Tip #4:  Each Page Should Be Designed as if it was a Landing Page

While many people design their websites with the assumption that visitors always start on the home page, this is not necessarily the case.  However, most visits to a website do not begin on the homepage.  Instead, while searching for a specific topic, they may find themselves clicking on one of your other pages that correspond with their search.  So in order to make a good impression, make sure that every page is designed as if it were the primary page of your website.

Tip #5:  Incorporate Intuitive Navigation

If your website is difficult to navigate, then the odds are people will give up rather than try to figure out how to get around it.  Include a primary and secondary navigation bar.  The primary works well as a horizontal bar along the top of the page, with a secondary as the sidebar.  Eliminate links to less important information from either of these menu bars.  Any links that need to be included, but are not focused on the primary information or call to action should be placed at the bottom of the page in the footer.

A well-designed website plays a key role in converting traffic into repeat visitors.  Whether you choose to do it on your own or leverage the expertise of a professional web design agency, use these tips to help create a site that is easy to use, pleasant to look at, and will turn visitors into clients.



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