Small Business Tools, Not A Wrench In Sight!


The world of a start-up is a one of uncertainty, late nights and dedication. People will be putting their heart and soul into the work. But there will be a point when they cannot put any more in. You’ve pushed your staff to the breaking point, and you cannot afford to take on new staff, so where can you go? What other options are there for you? And more importantly, how can you make it easy on your staff? Well, you can install systems that will make life easier for everybody. Such as running the back office functions and completing the smaller tasks.


This stands for Electronic Data Interchange.  This is now used a lot by emerging businesses. Essentially put it is a data transference system. The data is transferred from a company to another one. One of the main positives of using this is the reduction of time spent on tasks. It would reduce the amount of time that it would take to send reams of information to a company that is based very far away or in another continent. There are issues when it comes to this, such as in integrating to the EDI language. But there are ways around this if you get EDI translation software. The other option is to pay an EDI service provider or an IT company like to integrate the systems for you.

Landing Page Tools

In the world of startups sometimes you need to make do with what you’ve got, and sometimes that’s not much! Creating a homepage for a website can prove very tricky if you do not have the technical skills necessary. If you are running a smaller than the average sized business, you might be able to get away with a WordPress site in the short term. But this will not show your business in the way that you want it to, as WordPress sites do not have the bells and whistles needed to carry off a very swish website. Using landing page tools you will be able to create a really presentable front page for your website using web forms that are already built into the tools. With a lot of these landing page tools they have many different templates so you can pick a style that suits your business feel.  As well as this a lot of these tools have the function to test the website out before you launch it. This where you can see how it looks “live”.

HR Software

Having a really good HR software package will pay for itself in the long run because it really helps speed up the most basic of tasks. An example, using an HR software package that is based within a Cloud system will access the most up to date information on local regulations. So regarding a payroll based query the software could access the most relevant information on tax laws. This would save the business a lot of funds as they would not need to hire an accountant or a tax specialist.


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