The Many Mysteries Of Modern Marketing


Standing out as a small or large company in the modern business world seems to be an increasingly-difficult task. There are more opportunities than ever before to be noticed, thanks to the internet, but that means there are also more competitors than ever before vying for attention on this incredibly popular and important platform. Consumers are all online, which means all businesses are online squabbling and clawing for the top position in order to capture their attention. The problem is that most businesses are all doing the same thing.

Maybe you fall into that category, as your business has a website and social media profiles but the nuances of modern marketing escape you. Maybe your business can’t quite achieve the success you feel it deserves because it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. As mysterious, confusing and ever-changing as the techniques involved with modern and online marketing methods may be, that doesn’t mean the concepts are beyond your understanding. It’s simply time for you to learn about them, and here are some pieces of advice if you want to uncover the many mysteries of modern marketing in order to achieve greater success for your business.

Use more than one marketing method.

In the days of old marketing, you wouldn’t simply put up flyers and call it a day. In much the same way, when you’re delving into the world of digital marketing, there’s far more to it than simply stamping a few adverts for your business on websites. You need to be expanding your marketing strategy and using every potential marketing avenue available on the internet. It’s all about experimenting with different strategies, as certain avenues might not work well for your specific industry or business, and you wouldn’t want those to become a money pit. For example, if an advert on a billboard wasn’t garnering attention, then you’d simply take it down and stop renting that advertising space.


This is a term you’ve likely heard mentioned repeatedly across all manner of businesses. Perhaps you’ve even tried to implement some SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques on your company’s website, but this isn’t just a ‘one-time’ fix. The algorithms that search engines such as Google and Bing use to determine which websites are the most popular across the internet and in which order they should rank on results pages are constantly changing. It’s clear that you need to be updating your SEO tactics on a constant basis in line with the latest algorithms used by search engines, especially if you want to have the top spot on result pages.

You could look into web designers to help your business if you’re unsure as to what you could possibly do to improve your current website. The layout of a site is crucial to its success, as not only will your rank above your competitors, but you’ll impress customers who stumble across your business’ website. People use all manner of devices to browse the internet (phones, tablets, laptops, etc), and they expect to come across websites which look ‘right’ on their device. This is why a responsive web design is so important for your website, and it’s why search engines favour websites which take the time to make their layout responsive to all manner of devices.

Know the consumer.

Much as has always been the case, the consumer has to be at the heart of your marketing strategy. This is something which will always drive advertising, no matter what manner of modern strategies emerge in the future. Of course, the way in which your business can know potential consumers and existing clients has changed drastically from the days of traditional marketing.

You need to understand the platforms through which you’ll be connecting with customers both current and potential. For example, night clubs might be able to entice people in the local area to visit them with Facebook events offering great deals on certain nights. Restaurants might be able to entice people in the local area to visit by posting enticing Instagrams pictures of meals they offer. It’s about looking at the platforms on which you’ll find your consumers and targeting them with your most creative, personal brand of marketing. People don’t like corporate jargon; they like simple, straightforward offers communication with real people.

This is why it’s important to have a team dedicated to social media within your company, no matter how big or small it may be, as communication with your customers on these platforms to solve any problems or answer any questions proves that there’s a human element behind the face of your brand.

Mobile advertising.

The platform is also incredibly important when it comes to modern marketing. People are using a wide array of devices to browse for the goods and services they want, as mentioned earlier, but this expands your marketing opportunities beyond merely adapting the company website to fit numerous different screen sizes. Mobiles in particular should be of particular interest to businesses, as we are a world of people glued to our screens.

Given the amount of hours per day that potential customers spend on mobile games and social media whilst they’re out and about, your business might want to consider targeting its advertising to mobile applications, as this is where you’ll find your target market. Their eyes aren’t gazing up at billboards or posters around them in the city; their eyes are fixated on their screens.

Does traditional marketing still have its uses?

Yes. Despite all that has been said about the wonders of online marketing, traditional marketing still has a big stake in the world of business advertising, and there’s no harm in using it as an addition to your online marketing strategy. Of course, as with every other method of marketing mentioned in this list, it all depends on your specific business or industry. If you’re in the real estate game, physical and traditional marketing is still as popular as ever. People like to see houses in person when they’re considering moving to an area, and they’ll see signs with a specific estate agent’s brand beneath the words ‘For Sale’. To put it simply, if your business can benefit from putting its brand name in a real-life place that captures people’s attention, then it should do so.


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