How To Regain Your Credibility In The Workplace In 3 Simple Steps


It’s all too easy to become lazy at work, and before you know it, you can find yourself part of the untrustworthy employees of the company. It doesn’t need to be said, but being unreliable can lead to dismissal, demotions, and even falling out with colleagues at work. Luckily, there are ways that you can regain your credibility in the workplace, and here’s how.


This is a bit of an obvious one, but many people tend to think that being a few minutes late to work won’t make any difference. Even though you may be able to catch up easily on the few minutes of lost work, your credibility with your boss, superiors and fellow colleagues will go down. Make sure you’re at work at least five minutes before you’re due to start. This will give you time to put your belongings away and be ready to start you working day on time. If you really want to show enthusiasm, why not turn up a little earlier than that and begin work early. This will show your boss and colleagues that you’ve turned over a new leaf and you can now begin to rebuild your trust with them.

Punctuality within your work is key too. Sometimes, missing your deadlines is unavoidable. If you realise this is going to happen, let your superior know so that they don’t think that you’re avoiding doing the task at hand. Of course, whenever possible try to get your work in before the deadline approaches.


Just like when you were at school, your behavior in the workplace is important to keep an eye on too. Insubordination in the workplace is never taken lightly, so make sure that you’re adhering to the rules your employer has laid out at all times. For example, swearing in the workplace should never happen, even if you’re comfortable with the people that you work with, or they do it too. If a customer, or a member of management hears bad language, or even discussion that shouldn’t be taking place at work, it could lead to disciplinary action against you.

If you’ve been doing this in the past, then make a conscious effort to stop any bad behavior within your workplace, and make sure that you’re concentrating on the job at hand. It won’t go unnoticed.


Improving your standards of work is another great way to regain your credibility at work. You could make sure that the work you’re doing isn’t rushed and to the best of your abilities, or you could take on extra work. Training further in your job will also show your employer that you’re enthusiastic about your job and that you’d like to take your career further within the company.

If you don’t wear a uniform to work, change up your dress sense to something smarter to show yourself as a true working professional.

Following these three simple steps will help you regain your credibility at work, and may even help you get onto the right track for an eventual promotion. Try them today!


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