This Is Why Cleaners Are The Most Important Employees In Any Company


Most of your employees have probably never met the office cleaner. They come in early in the morning or after hours to clean the place off and then slip away without a trace before everybody else arrives. Everybody just takes it for granted and doesn’t really question how everything is always so clean. If you asked them to write a list of all of the company employees in order of their importance, the cleaners are likely to feature low down on the list, if they’re remembered at all. It’s only natural that they wouldn’t consider somebody that they don’t really interact with and they don’t have any impact on profits, do they? Actually, they do. The cleaner is one of the most important employees in your office and if they stopped doing their job it wouldn’t be long before you started noticing a huge impact on productivity in the office and your overall profits. Don’t believe me? This is why.


Sickness is number one. If your employees aren’t in the office then they aren’t working towards increasing your sales or cutting your costs to maximise profit margins. Increased sickness rates are bad news for any business but without a cleaner, that’s bound to happen because the office environment is teeming with bacteria. There are a lot of people coming in and out of that office, spreading germs around, and without regular cleaning, it’ll soon build up and make people sick. Sickness is passed around very easily in the office so you could end up finding that half of your staff are out sick.

In some cases, you could even get more serious health problems. If the office isn’t cleaned and maintained properly, things like clogged drains and damp in the walls could cause mold problems or overflowing toilets which is going to throw all sorts of horrible bacteria into the office. If you don’t have staff that are regularly using drainer cleaners to keep toilets running clear, you might end up having to shut the office for a few days while somebody fixes the problem if they overflow. That’s going to eat into your profits in a big way.

Low Morale

A good working environment is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping morale up. If you don’t take enough pride in the company to even bother keeping the office clean, why should your employees have any pride in the business either? Keeping the office looking clean and fresh will encourage a positive attitude towards the business, meaning that people will be more inclined to work hard to see it succeed.

They’ll also find it difficult to feel comfortable in an office that’s dirty and stinks. When staff are uncomfortable then they won’t work anywhere near as effectively. Maintaining a clean office where staff members can feel relaxed is the key to keeping morale up and boosting productivity.

The cleaners often get forgotten about but the truth is, they’re one of the most important employees that you’ve got so give them the credit they deserve.


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