Sure-Fire Signs Your Office Isn’t Winter Ready

As the seasons change, your premises have to evolve too. If they don’t, winter can be a pretty uncomfortable time for a business. Many entrepreneurs think their office building can stand up to anything bar a natural disaster. Sadly, the majority of properties are only a strong rain shower away from revealing a catalogue of nasty surprises. Any owner who isn’t sure whether the office is ready doesn’t need to worry. Below are the signs which will tip you off. Should you see any of the following, ensure you find a solution ASAP.

Damp Patches On The Floors/Ceilings

Without a doubt, damp is the most alarming warning sign. There may be a different cause, but it’s mainly due to rain seeping through a gap in the exterior. Ceilings and roofs are the main culprits because one loose slate can wreak havoc. However, the floors are not innocent either as water from the basement can be problematic if you have a ground-floor office. Whatever you do, don’t pass damp patches off as insignificant. Water damage means the outside elements are somehow getting into the space. It may start small, but it could escalate into a huge problem. Always try and find the breach and cover it up to stop any leakage.

Overflowing Gutters

There isn’t a property owner on the planet that enjoys climbing a ladder to a gutter and removing the gunk inside. Not only is it disgusting but the water can go up to a person’s elbow. The rubber gloves don’t even reach that far! However, leaving the water and mulch to build is dangerous for two reasons. Firstly, the pressure from the water can cause the guttering to snap. If it happens and someone is underneath, it may result in a trip to the hospital and a lawsuit. Secondly, the H20 has to go somewhere, and it usually makes its way inside. So, keeping the gutters clean will prevent further water damage to the building.

Dull Paint

Now that the summer is over, bright, light colours are unsuitable. Still, there is no need to paint the interior black! Dark shades are better because they fit the season, yet don’t use a hue which puts your mental health at risk. Seriously, the wrong colours can encourage depression during the winter time when the sun sets early. And, employees only need an excuse to slack off and become unproductive. The good news is a painter for office buildings can add an air of excitement to the gloominess. All you have to do is choose a colour scheme which is vivid and seasonal at the same time. Then, everyone in the office will be reinvigorated.

It’s Freezing

Finally, don’t just assume the premises are a cold because the property is old. The fact it can’t stay warm is a sign of heat displacement. Typically, the doors and windows are to blame, which is why double-glazing is essential. But, don’t forget that the walls can let in cold air if they don’t have insulation. The same goes for the ceilings, especially the one in the attic. Remember that overheads cost a fortune, which is why preventing heat loss is vital.

You still have time to make changes, but you need to do it as quickly as possible.


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