Breaking Through – 5 Tips to Building a Successful Start-Up


For any start-up to succeed, it takes a good idea, research, and discipline. However, what other things need to be considered while building up your budding empire? As any good leader knows, you always have to be on the lookout for the next move, and a step ahead of your competitors. Here are five tips for building a successful startup:

Find the Right Space

Once you’ve outgrown your Mom’s basement, it is time to spread your wings and find the next shell into which  to grow. You may not need a whole floor of a building downtown. If you are still starting small, you may consider meeting room hire whenever you need it, or other temporary office space solutions while transitioning. One thing is for sure: you definitely don’t want your office arrangement to stunt your growth and prevent your venture from growing.


Learning how to network is an essential skill to your company’s expansion. The days of being too shy to make friends on the playground are over, and it is time to reach out and take full advantage of the pool of professionals who will help you get to where you are going. Just believing in your mission is not enough. You have to have others believe in it too if you want to achieve long-term success. Practice your smile, firm handshake and smooth elevator pitch so that charm and professionalism will keep you going in the right direction.

Work Hard but Avoid Burnout

Don’t let entrepreneurial burnout eat into your passion and fizzle the fire. This can be especially hard with a start-up, as you are constantly trying to brainstorm and juggling multiple hats at all times. It is crucial to give yourself some free time outside of work to enjoy life with your friends and family. Remember, you and your team are only human, and even though your startup may be the next big thing, it’s vital to rest and replenish to keep the energy ball rolling.

Monitor Financing

You can only go as far as your resources can take you, so it is imperative to monitor you financial status closely. You definitely don’t want to hit the empty wallet brick wall, leaving you and your team stuck with a brilliant idea that you just can’t seem to make into a reality. Always know where your income is coming from and where it is going. Also, practice frugality early, so if money does grow tight, you’ve already developed the right mindset to get you through the fiscal pinch.

Actively Seek Feedback

Irrespective of how groundbreaking you think your idea is, if you are the only one who feels that way, you might be in trouble. By receiving feedback throughout your growth, you are better able to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. This can come from a mentor who is experienced in the field or, if your idea is newer and a revolutionary, directly from your target market. Sell your product early or organize focus groups to help you gauge how your startup idea will be received. That way, you avoid spending unnecessary time and money into ideas that will never fly.

In a world with new startups appearing and flopping every day, you want to be sure you stay ahead of the game. By nourishing your venture with these ideas, you can rest assured you are on the right path to see your baby take wings and achieve the business and financial success about which you’ve always dreamed.


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