Traction Trumps Team When Going For The Million Dollar Round?

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(Photo: César Salazar of 500Startups)

Teams are great. A lot of people look at founders and teams, but of course the product has to be great too. That is unless you’re a founder with a track record for success, but all of that will be covered later.

Greg Kumparak is evidently back at TechCrunch. Kumparak was one of my favorite TechCrunch writers while I was “thedroidguy” we’d bump into each other all the time while I was on the mobile beat, Berlin, Barcelona and of course here at home. He left last year after the Arrington fiasco and apparently he’s back, writing about startups.

So let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this post here, because that’s why you clicked on the link. We try and share whatever startup tips we can and one of the biggest things people want to know about is raising money. Specifically, startups in their earliest stages want to know how to raise millions of dollars so they can just “work” and not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or how the rent will get paid.

Somewhere along the way though, $100,000 or even $500,000 was not enough. Everyone seems to be looking for that million dollar Series A round, or even more presumptuously they are looking for a million dollar seed round, or angel round. Regardless of the round, Ash Fontana, a venture hacker at AngelList, came up with the bullet points above when talking about raising a good million dollar round.

Like me, one of the first things Kumparak noticed in the slide is that product and team are crossed out. Traction is clearly circled. So now traction is the most important?

Perhaps this is right, but of course from the perspective of an AngelList venture hacker it’s absolutely right. AngelList thrives off traction. We actually learned that 500 Startups, startups, actually plan one startup a week that they will all follow on AngelList in unison. This way a 500 Startups, startup, is always trending on AngelList.

This real need for startup traction actually goes well beyond AngelList and can be a key performance indicator when your deal is being reviewed by investors.

In case you can’t clearly read the slide here are the key take-aways, things that your startup should already have before approaching that investor for your million dollar round:

– Enterprise startups need to have 1,000 seats at $10/seat/month

– Big enterprise startups need to have 2 pilot contracts with some $

– Social startups need 100,000 downloads and signups

– e-commerce “market place” startups need to have $50,000 in revenue per month

Fontana did disclose to Kumparak that these numbers are just rough estimates based on his insight and not actual numbers directly from the AngelList database.

While many investors talk about the importance of product and team it seems that when you get to the stage where you’re ready for a $1 million dollar investment (or more) the product and the team should already speak for themselves and the traction should tell their story.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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The Angel List That Matters, All The Incubators & Accelerator Taking Apps Through

Angellist, startup accelerators, accelerators, startupsHere’s the complete list of incubator and accelerator programs that you can apply to using an account from (Angel List). If youu’re not familiar with Angel List, it’s one of the three things we recommend you sign up for as soon as you start your startup, the list also includes CrunchBase and Startup America. Info on all three is here at “three free things every startup should do”

Marquee accelerator programs like 500 startups, Techstars and Dreamit Ventures are all using the Angel List platform for easy access to applications. Here’s the complete list.

500 Startups, Silicon Valley program focused on startups everywhere. Founded by crazy ass Sith Lord of Startups Dave McClure. This program promotes entrepreneurship everywhere.  Apply here

Techstars, one of the widest recognized brands for startup acceleration based in Boulder CO with programs in Boulder, Seattle, Austin, Chicago and New York. Apply here.

DreamIt Ventures is based in Philly with programs in New York, Austin and Israel. Apply here

Capital Factory is based in Austin with a concentration on revenue vs follow on funding, Apply here

Murker Lab is one of Silicon Beach’s (LA) marquee startup accelerators. Apply here

Alchemist Accelerator based in the valley they are looking for startups with “distincitive technical cofounders” Apply here

sxswVC Fast Pitch at SXSW in Austin Apply here

LaunchPad LA is in it’s 5th class for their LA based mentor driven accelerator Apply here Amplify is a hands on startup accelerator and multi faceted entrepreneurial campus in Silicon Beach (L.A.) Apply here

Upstart Labs, located in Portland they focus on B2B startups Apply here

Founder Fuel, Is a Canadian based accelerator in Montreal with $50,000 seed and an opportunity for $150k follow on Apply here

Launch Pad, is in the heat of New Orlean’s Super Bowl of startups Apply here

Longhorn Startup is an entrepreneurship class at UT in Texas Apply here

SeedStartup is an international startup accelerator in Dubai Apply here

GSF India is a multi-city startup accelerator in India located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai Apply here

nReduce is the online startup incubator Apply here

And why you’re at it why not pick up two tickets to the largest startup conference in the U.S. The Startup Conference

5 Angel.Co Startups From Everywhere Else: Nashville Edition is the voice of startups “everywhere else” and your source for Tennessee startup news. As many of our readers know we’ve been working on a series called “5 Angel List Startups From Everywhere Else”. It stems from the weekly traction email that most members receive. We’ve noticed time and time again that the “trending” startups on the Angel List email are predominantly from Silicon Valley. This of course isn’t the fault of it’s an amazingly great resource.  But here you’ll find five startups profiled from “everywhere else”.

Since it’s Demo Day Month in Tennessee we thought what a great time to do “5 Angel List startups from everywhere else, Nashville Edition” if you’re looking for the Memphis edition, you can find it here.

Nashville startups,Tennessee startups, Southern Alpha, Walker Duncan, Wannado

Let’s kick this thing off with one of the Jumpstart Foundry graduates from 2011. The startup called “wannado” is your guide to everything you wanna do. Great name, great concept.

We actually got to see a preview of wannado the other night in Memphis and it blew me away.  The app has a robust feature set, yet an aesthetically pleasing user interface. It simply does exactly as they say it will, it tells you what’s available around you to do. If you’re looking for a show or a concert, it’s there. If you’re looking for a business networking event, it’s there. If you’re looking for a cooking class, a lecture, a speaker, a book club, they’re all there for you and everything is served up according to your preferences.

Wannado has an amazing sharing circle breakout piece which allows you to easily share an event any way you like. They also allow you to share events with friends that don’t have the wannado app without having to download the wannado app. They’re given a text message which takes them to a landing page for that event with an equally pleasing user experience.

Truth be told they weren’t on the site but we like them that much so check it out here. They are still in private beta but sign up for an update and you’ll be the first person on your block to know wannado. (you like what we did there)

Find wannado on the web here and if you’re reading this wannado, you may want to sign up for the Angel List it’s free.


The next two entries come from the same entrepreneur. Phillip Maddox is the co-founder of Deedsy and VenueBlast.

Southern Alpha, Solidus, Jumpstart Foundry, Nashville, Nashville startups,Tennessee startupsDeedsy

Deedsy is a good deed engine. The premise is simple, do good deeds, and earn points. A good deed can be anything from a hug to house sitting, to picking up trash. Whatever good deed you do, with Deedsy you earn points.

You can create deeds for others to do and look for a “do gooder” to do that deed for you and then they’ll earn points. It’s a great feel good startup that will promote doing good in your life and community.

You can start off with 25 points if you head over here to the deedsy site and add your name to their LaunchRock.

Here’s a link to their Angel List page


VenueBlast is the other entry from founder Phillip Maddox. VenueBlast is your ticket to live music online. Basically it’s a video streaming venue for live music and entertainment productions. For the end user they promise great quality productions that can be found in streaming or even pay per view offerings.

For the client they offer a robust set of features that can be delivered to the end user in a variety of ways.  Their feature set is constantly evolving to stay up to date with the changes in streaming technology optimized for concerts and live entertainment.  They also offer the ability for companies to sponsor live concerts and streaming events and offer analytics back to the customer.

Earlier this week VenueBlast reported that they’re working on some exciting new features and they hope to rollout to the public soon.

Find VenueBlast on the web here  and on the Angel List here is the easiest way to quickly crete a great looking micro-site that the Nashville startup calls “pops”. Within minutes you’re able to create,deliver and manage your microsite for whatever the function.

One of their users, Jason Moore, is in the healthcare industry uses to create microsites to push out to their healthcare industry partners in hospital and provider systems. Moore said that their custom communication via a secure portal is a game changer. offers a simple drag and drop layout engine making editing and publishing a cinch. They also offer unlimited custom domains with analytics available as well. is so popular that they won the 2012 Governor’s Innovation Conference and the $5,000 check to go along with it.

Here’s’s website  and here is their Angel List page


Meevl is a Slovakian startup that graduated from Jumpstart Foundry in the 2011 class. They’ve actually relocated back to Slovakia but nonetheless they appear under Nashville on the Angel List.

Meevl is a unique startup. The Meevl platform easily allows employees to participate in reporting company news, typically a task handled by a PR person or team in large companies. With Meevl when an employee gets recognized for an achievement, has a baby, or maybe an employee related policy changes, Meevl crowdsources the news from the company employees.

“Currently, social media management platforms are mostly for small teams, where members watch their company’s presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on,” Vladimir Tucek told BetaKit. “Even if it’s a really huge company, [social media] is managed by a very small team, and all content is produced by that team. We’d like to involve more employees in this process.”

By virtue of the employee participation in the Meevl platform companies can crowdsource news from their employee base, possibly reduce the PR budget for inhouse news and employee morale would stand to improve.

We’re on an international sneaker-strapped startup roadtrip here’s the details, we could use your support



5 Great Angel.Co Startups From Everywhere Else: Minnesota

A few weeks ago we started a series here on of startups from everywhere else that appear on the Angel List ( We get a weekly email from, and while they’ve been getting better, typically they are dominated by startups from Silicon Valley and New York. In our series we feature a handful of startups that appear on the list, that aren’t necessarily trending by angel list standards, but are growing as startups from “everywhere else”.

So for this installment we’re exploring five startups from Minnesota.

mashalot,hypespark,proliphiq,heroic,rockyourblock,minnesota startup,minneapolis startup,startups,startup,angel.coMashalot

Mashalot is a social shopping website. It combines the power and influence of Facebook, daily deals, group buying, and the “negotiator” concept from price line.

Late last year Mashalot co-founder John Marino told Minnesota’s Fox 9 that the more influence you have the better your negotiation will be. Marino explained that if you saw a great deal on something like a Black Friday deal or a Cyber Monday deal, you could take it to the merchant (if they are a member of Mashalot) and see if they’ll give you the product for that price. It’s up to the merchant to honor that price or not.

This is where your social influence comes in via Facebook. Naturally if you’re one of those people with thousands of friends on Facebook, the merchant may respond favorably because of your influence, and the fact that Mashalot will post your deal (with your permission) to Facebook.

Along the way you can earn badges and more influence the more you use the service.

They launched Mashalot on 11/11/11 and have since taken down the 1.0 site while they retweak it for a 2.0 launch.

Here’s their website

Follow them on the Angel List here



This Minneapolis startup has been hailed as the “E-harmony of home services” by local tech publication basically it’s a mobile app and website to help you find the best person for that in home job.

Think Craigslist vs Angies List vs Zaarly vs a date or recommendation site.

The Heroic engine combines recommendations and referrals from a service providers previous clients along with friend recommendations to serve up the top list of people for a job. Things like painting, cutting the grass, gutter cleaning, basic carpentry and most in home jobs are all featured on Heroic.

Co-Founders Justin Barrett and Dan Linstroth know that people nowadays don’t have the time, to interview and weed through hundreds of possible people to do a job. They also know that if you bid a job out on Craigslist half of the respondents are in Nigeria.

With Heroic you can find service providers in your neighborhood that have good ratings and can get your job done on your time line. reports that Heroic received a $600k seed round from a network of angels in the Minneapolis area. They are rolling out the service in Minneapolis, Denver and Chicago to start and hope to raise a Series A round in the not so distant future to expand into another five markets.

For more info visit their website
Here’s a article on Heroic
Follow them on the Angel list 



Nothing is more effective for a business than word of mouth. When you combine word of mouth with the power of social media and the internet you’ve got a force to be reckoned with, if you execute correctly. Enter in Hypespark.

Hyperspark is a Minneapolis based startup that incubated at Project Skyway. The idea behind HypeSpark is phenomenal. Local businesses get great advertisement by social endorsement from loyal customers.  The local businesses get an endorsement every time the customer shares anything on the web. The customer gets big deals and discounts for being the businesses personal advertising vehicle.

On the surface HypeSpark is a short link service with a micro ad in front of it. Say Lori loved her local bike shop and her local bike shop was on HypeSpark. If Lori agrees to be their endorser, every time she shares a web site link, youtube video or any other url with her friends or social network a real quick micro ad for the bike shop shoes up saying that Lori endorses that company.

It’s kind of like bread with most of the work already done.

Check out HyperSpark here at their website
Here’s their incubator Project Skyway
Follow them on the Angel List 



I’m always looking for things to replace the pure bull crap that is Klout. I’ve found a really great social media filter in Friendsignia, and now I’ve found Minneapolis based Proliphiq, which offers incredible social media analytics, recommendations and information on social media, influence and content. I’m not sure if it’s free because they are still in beta but right now I can say that with all the social media dashboards I’ve checked out in the last two years, this one offers the most information I’ve ever seen for free.

When you go to Proliphiq’s website at you can search for a person by their name, social media identity or a topic.

Searching a name or social media identity will show you their recent posts across networks, content, and their influence on the topics they know the most about.  From there you can even add topics that you find that person is a valuable source on. Or, conversely you can give them a thumbs down. This crowd sourced rating is 10x better and more effective than the pulling numbers out of ones posterior end that Klout uses.

For topics you can find the most influential people for your topic and from there you can follow them and keep them in your feed to stay on top of information that’s relevant to you.

Finally you can tweak your own profile and tell the Proliphiq community what you’re all about.

Find out more about Proliphiq here at their website, and try it out
Follow Proliphiq on the Angel List 



Women owned startup RockYourBlock is the LinkedIn spot for teens. Teens in the twin cities can create a RockYourBlock profile via their Facebook account for the purpose of sourcing jobs for teens. These jobs can be odd jobs, paper routes, internships and other teen type jobs.

The site also allows the teens to create a resume based on the work experience they have along with any accolades that they’ve scored in the RockYourBlock network.

In regards to the creation of RockYourBlock, Founder Sarah Young told TechCocktail:

“Teen unemployment is at an all-time high right now across the nation, three times the national rate. The majority of people and companies want to help the next generation learn the value of hard work and responsibility in addition to create job opportunities for them but don’t know where to begin.”

Young’s strategy is to widen their reach to markets like Milwaukee and Chicago later this year and then expand nationwide in year three.
While there have been plenty of teen focused social networks this is the first time that teenagers have had a social network devoted to their lives in the work force. Hopefully they will create a way to export their RockYourBlock page to LinkedIn when the teen crosses over to the real world. This is a really innovative startup in a unique space.
Check out RockYourBlock here
Here’s a great article on RYB from our friends at the other TC 
Even though we do this because a lot of startups “everywhere else” don’t trend on check out this story, if you’re not on it get on it.
Nibletz is the voice of startups “everywhere else” here are more stories from “everywhere else”
We’re in the homestretch here and could really use your help click here and watch the video below:

5 Angel List ( Startups In Memphis

Please don’t mistake me for an basher it’s a very useful tool. However, week in and week out we get an email from with the “trending startups” and they are almost always invariably from Silicon Valley and New York. That’s why we’ve developed this series to highlight startups from “everywhere else” it’s more of a compliment to rather than a bash. Oh and by the way it would be super cool if you followed Nibletz on

Today we’re taking a look at five listings form Memphis because it’s a big weekend for Memphis startups.

Seed Hatchery

First up is Seed Hatchery they’ve been an instrumental incubator and backer of the thriving startup scene in Memphis, they are also one of the sponsors for this weekends 48Hour Launch Memphis event.

Seed Hatchery was born out of venture capital firm Solidus Company in Nashville Tennessee. Solidus has invested over $112 million dollars in 48 companies over the last 24 years. According to Seed Hatchery’s website, the Solidus Company saw a gap in investment opportunities to stimulate growth in startups. They found that many companies needed a lot less money to start working on their ideas.

In December 2010, Vic Gatto of Solidus, Eric Matthews of Launch Memphis, and Gwin Scott established Seed Hatchery in Memphis to help “seed” growth of early stage startups.

Seed Hatchery held a Demo day last month for their most recent “class” of six startups that went through their incubator.

For more on SeedHatchery visit this site
For more on this weekend’s event in Memphis click here
Follow SeedHatchery on here 



Friendsignia is a very intuitive social dashboard that has a lot of people talking. SeedHatchery founder Vic Gatto said of the new social startup:

“They solve the biggest pain point in social media today… too much noise.”

Based on their description alone I’m waiting for my beta invite. What Friendsignia does is pulls social data from Facebook and Twitter and filters out meaningless updates from strangers. Friendsignia delivers the 150 people that matter most to you.

This is perfect for me as I have over 100,000 followers on Twitter and try and follow a good deal back (60,000) however I haven’t been able to look at my “home” timeline in over two years it’s way too noisy, so I use lists and streams from Hootsuite.  As their listing says “For a power user it’s a more efficient social dashboard”.

As with Gatto, for the professional it’s a better way to keep up with business contacts and associates who matter.

Now, not only is Friendsignia a new and more powerful social dashboard but they’ve got this really kick ass blog entry here to talk about what they do.

Find out more & request your beta invite here
Follow Friendsignia on here


PayTopia is a startup that promises a way to pay online without exposing your financial information. Sure this sounds a lot like PayPal, but so many people are burnt out on post E-Bay merger PayPal that they are jonesing for a new way of using their money online. PayPal complaints are up 70% post merger, with many longtime users switching away from PayPal because they no longer defend the “seller” in most transactions.

PayTopia has taken an innovative approach to paying online. Now your financial information and personal information is no longer at risk. PayTopia allows users to use their email addresses and a pin number to initiate payments.

Merchants submit payments to Paytopia, Paytopia texts the user with an authorization code and then the user gives the authorization code to the merchant to complete the payment.

In addition to providing user safety, it’s quicker than filling out an entire web based payment form.

Find out more about Paytopia here
Follow Paytopia on here


I know that loyal readers of nibletz know how I feel about “loyalty and rewards” right about now. We called it right before SXSW that loyalty and rewards were going to replace group couponing and they have. However Memphis based Stiqurd (Stickered) has a couple points up their sleeves.

First off, StiQRd CEO Aaron Prather has a background in restaurants. Before StiQRd he owned his own restaurants. He felt a serious pain point with current loyalty offerings. You could go the cheap route with untraceable punch cards. Or you could spend thousands of dollars, which just isn’t in the margin of a restaurant, to do a swipe card.

StiQRd solves that problem by putting the loyalty and reward piece in the phone.

StiQRd is a QR code based reward and loyalty app for iPhone and Android. On the merchant side they offer a comprehensive dashboard to track visits, purchases and points for their most loyal customers.

As we’ve heard ever so often 15% of the top loyal customers can account for up to 50% of a restaurants revenue. With StiQRd everything is kept in one place, your phone.

StiQRd is currently leading the 1-99 employees category in the social madness competition in Memphis. Voting ends June 19th

Check out StiQRd here at their website
Download the Android app here at the Google Play Store
Check out the iOS app here in the iTunes store
Follow StiQRd on 


Work For Pie

Work for Pie is a community for open source developers. They describe themselves as a bit like Klout (not sure why anyone would want to do that) and a bit like LinkedIn, but for open source developers.

The social community for open source developers allows developers to collaborate with each other and source each other for help with their projects. Users can also recommend and refer their fellow open source developers.

Their intuitive profile platform highlights not just their biography points but also their coding skills and work history. They also have a point based system based on recommendations and referrals so that if you’re looking for a certain type of developer you can find not just that type of developer but the best developers as well.

Last month Work For Pie closed on a $300,000 round of funding.

Check out Work For Pie on their website here
Follow them on here 

5 New Mexico Startups From The Angel List (

We’ve recently started highlighting startups from “everywhere else” that appear on is one of the top resources for startups across the web. It’s right up their next to CrunchBase.

What we discovered though, was in our weekly email from every single trending startup was from Silicon Valley. Once in a blue moon we would get a startup from New York, but the trending startups are predominantly from the valley. This shows that Silicon Valley has a lot of active users on This is no fault of the valley or however we figured we would start an ongoing feature series on startups.  It’s free to create your profile there and if you haven’t you should (you should also make sure you’re on Crunchbase).

Today we’re going to look at five angel list companies from New Mexico.

Volopt   (Las Cruces)

Volopt is based in Las Cruces New Mexico and is a web aggregator. They bill themselves as the “Huffington Post” for web content. We’re not sure if we get that reference from looking at their site. After all Huffington is a web site, and well the Huffington Post would be the Huffington Post of web content.

Volopt on the other hand has an easy to understand web interface. When you go to their site there is a “cloud” of content tags on the home page that you can click on to discover more information about the tag. There is also a search bar where you can travel outside of the content cloud.

The co-founders are Hank Muetterties, Joel Diemer and Louis O. Constantini.

They look like their on to something but when you’re building a startup that is going to encompass the entire web there needs to be an entire webs worth of content. There was a great amount of sports content, tags for the NBA,MLB and NFL served up great answers, as did tags for Mathematics and photography.

On the other hand a search for startup and startups returned no data at all.

The UI is very easy to use and understand, building scale may be a challenge.

Find Volopt on the web here and on here


AgeNation (Santa Fe)

AgeNation is a web hub and content platform targeting baby boomers and seniors. As many baby boomers are entering into retirement in their work lives they were on the cusp of computers, new media and the digital age.

These baby boomers, no how to use a computer, and the internet but don’t have a portal or destination targeting them without making them feel old, like the AARP or any of the thousands of sites targeting seniors.

The AgeNation media group includes, AgeNation Radio, AgeNation Live, NEXT Magazine, AgeNation Consulting and Coaching. They’re also about to add AgeNation television, publishing and travel.

The AgeNation group was co-founded by husband and wife team Sedena and George Cappannelli. Both workaholic, energetic babybooomers themselves they’ve set out to grow their media empire with their core audience.

Find AgeNation on their website here  and on here


MoTag (Santa Fe)

MoTag is innovating the QR space with a loyalty and rewards model gamifying discovery of products through a hide and seek platform. MoTag combines QR tag code info and UPC info with users personalized information, creating a fun social game based commerce network.

Think of it as Scavngr for products. But there is much more you can do with MoTag than just scavenger hunts.

MoTag presents themselves as a QR Code browser that has robust features.

MoTag is hoping to merge big box retailers and local retailers in reward and loyalty based games.

Co-Founder Allen Branch has a vast background in big box retail holding advisory positions at Whole Foods, REI, Home Depot and Autozone. He also founded Real Estate TV in 1995.

Co-Founder Bruno Allaire holds an MBA from Harvard and has 18 years experience in managing new business development.

See more about MoTag on their YouTube Channel and here on


UsersUnite (Taos)

UsersUnite is a product review and social networking platform revolving around software reviews for business. The company seems to be taking an actual user approach to reviews and discussion about software rather than a techblog feel where readers often wonder about the deals behind the software reviews.

The premise for the idea seems solid. Co-Founders Bret and Linda Weir have over 29 years of software experience (Bret) and 10 years of public accounting experience (Linda).

Bret says in their YouTube pitch video that UsersUnite will be worth $200 million dollars within five years by saving businesses billions of dollars in software expenditures. That’s quite a lofty goal.  If the startup lives by it’s user generated ideas and beliefs, especially behind the name UsersUnite, they could achieve that goal.

However, their profile suggests that their revenue stream is going to come from charging software vendors to participate, ultimately that will be what keeps them from the $200 million dollar goal. Once money from the publishers comes into play than the questions surrounding the authenticity and ethics behind the reviews put UsersUnite right back into the same categories as the TechBlogs that regularly run “sponsored” content.

Hopefully they will pivot back to the original premise, and make money off advertising or even affiliate sales of the software titles being discussed, then they could easily become a seven or eight figure company in revenue within five years. 9 figures though? Not likely.

More about UsersUnite from their website and from (Santa Fe)

As online sales sites like continue to obliterate the local and big box bookstores into oblivion, one New Mexico startup, Enlitten, is trying to return people to local bookstores.

Enlitten uses a model that links users to local bookstores. They can pay through the website, which in turn pays the local bookshop and then the user can go into the local bookshop to pick up the book.While this isn’t as convenient as having the book shipped to your home or office, it can, sometimes mean you get the book quicker.  Of course it also means you get out of the house and into the local bookshop.

A lot of local bookshops are adding entertainment, poetry readings, and cafes with increased menus to get customers to stick around longer.

Enlitten was founded by John Cole who is an award winning book designer

For more check out Enlitten at their website here and on here


Linkage: is the voice of startups “everywhere else”, here are more stories from “everywhere else”

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Arkansas Startup: Rebounces Puts The Green Back In The Tennis Ball

In our endless quest to look past the trending (read valley based) startups on the Angel List (, we came across one that is sports related, fun, green (environment) and green (money). The startup is called reBounces and they are based in Harrison Arkansas.

Arkansas has a bubbling startup scene and we’ve covered a handful of startups from Arkansas here at nibletz.

So what is reBounces?

Well Rebounces was founded by Bill Dirst and Cannon Fletcher. The company uses a gas based mixture technology invented by Dirst to put the bounce back into flattened tennis balls.

Typically when a tennis ball has been used over and over again they start to deflate. Even if you are only a casual tennis player you’ve probably noticed this deflating.  Normally when a tennis ball deflates the natural reaction is to go buy another can of balls.  While that’s all well and good, the tennis balls are not biodegradable and even in their flattened state they go into the landfill.

With the reBounces technology tennis balls are dumped into the Green Tennis Machine. After the machine is sealed and the balls sit for three days they enviro-magically have their bounce back. The balls have the same bounce as balls that just came out of a fresh can and they are back to regulation.

More after the break
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5 Trending Angel List ( Startups From Everywhere Else

Chances are if you read regularly, you are a startup, accelerator,incubator or angel from “everywhere else” just like us. So I’m sure you’ve probably noticed in your daily check to that all of the trending startups are almost always from Silicon Valley.

We’ve decided to highlight some of the trending startups from “everywhere else” that can be found on So here’s our first list of five.

NetPlenish (Los Angeles)

NetPlenish is an innovative way to keep track of the things you regularly buy from the store, albeit razors, gatorade, coffee, socks, diapers etc. It hold all that information in a list for you in the cloud. NetPlenish then finds the best prices for everything on your list. This could be at K-Mart, WalMart, Target, Wahlgreen’s or which ever NetPlenish merchant partner has the best price.

Then, once a week you’re notified by NetPlenish either with a push notification or email, that they’ve done the research and found the best prices for the items you need. They get each item at the vendor with the best price and then voila in a few days your items are at your doorstep.

Talk about the king of convenience.

Find out more about NetPlenish here.


FormLabs, Boston 

FormLabs in Boston is hoping to make 3D printers actually attainable. Right now companies like Makerbot and others have 3D printers that they can sell to you but they are often thousands of dollars.

The FormLabs 3D printer is going to be low-cost and print in 3D right out of the box.

Co-Founders Maxim Lobovsky and David Cranor are hiring right now and we’re hoping for a roll out soon because I want to start making action figures in my basement.

Find out more about Formlabs here


Mile High Organics, Boulder 

We all know that Boulder has a thriving tech scene. In fact TechStars is based there and it’s like a little metropolis of all the next best ideas.

Mile High was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch section as the Nation’s First USDA -Certified Organic Online Grocer.

Mile High Organics is America’s First Certified Organic Online Grocer. Members order online and receive convenient, scheduled home or office delivery of local, organic, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) produce, dairy, meat, seafood, groceries; health, home and beauty products. We have over 500 SKUs and growing.

Mile High is backed by Dave McClure and 500 startups.

If you’re into organic food, now you can order from Mile High, get your every day supplies from NetPlenish and never have to leave the house again, where we know you’re incubating that next big startup.

More on Mile High, here


Hungerly, Columbus OH

Food trucks, food trucks, food trucks, I’ve been saying this since South By Southwest 2011, the food truck app space is heating up. Hungerly from Columbus Ohio is part of that new trend. But unlike other food truck apps, this app is for the vendor not the customer.

If you are a food truck vendor you’ve got a lot on your plate (no pun intended) you have to clean your truck to code, prepare all your food to code and then find a place to vend where you won’t get a ticket.

That’s where Hungerly comes in. Hungerly maintains a database of the best, approved locations for food trucks to set up and start vending. A food truck owner just logs in, looks for a spot and Hungerly has done all the work.

For more on Hungerly visit this link


Social Meter, Houston Texas

Social Meter is a unique way for people to get face time with important people by donating to their favorite charity. While some may cry afoul, this tactic actually works, I know this first hand.

During my radio and records career I was helping my little brothers band get noticed. They were actually really good for a young (teenage) rock band with their own material. A major label executive at Sony had said they liked what they heard but never had the time for us.

A bunch of googling later I found a charity that this executive was very involved with. We went to the Sony Tower on Madison Ave in New York and I sent up a $100 money order for the charity in an envelope with the executives name on it, we got the meeting.

Social Meter makes it much easier as they’ve already sourced the charities and the influencers have decided how much of a donation will get the donator a phone call, a meeting or a lunch. Ultimately it’s a win win for everyone after you get over the “pimp my charity” part.

It’s all about getting noticed and Social Meter helps you do that.

For more on Social Meter click here.



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