Announcing The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE

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In just two short months an idea I’ve had for over almost three years will be coming to life at Skyway Studios here in Nashville, as a new spin on helping startups raise capital in a single evening is born via The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE event. 

For those of you that know me, last year I started hosting the Crowdfunding Pitch Show on Supertalk 99.7. The goal is to offer a way for entrepreneurs currently trying to raise capital via crowdfunding to pitch their ideas to the city and ask for financial backing.

A big part of why I started the show was creating a marketing mechanism for what this event is meant to accomplish; engage an audience, conduct market research, raise capital, and have a fun time doing it.

What Is The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE

The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE will be an opportunity for Tennessee entrepreneurs to raise capital in a single evening without having to give up equity, and the audience will decide who wins.

10 startups from around Tennessee have been selected to compete (Will be announced soon), and have 4 minutes to present their company.  A panel of experts ranging from angel investors to small business owners will ask questions following the pitch, but will not be responsible for determining the winner.

The Crowd Decides The Winner

Following all the contestant pitches, the crowd will be asked to vote via mobile app on which company they like the best on the following factors:

  1. Presentation
  2. Business concept validity
  3. Personal interest in product or service

All Ticket Sales Go To The Winner

The votes will be averaged, and whichever company receives the highest number of votes will be declared the winner, and receive capital generated from ticket sales.

As a member of the crowd, not only do you get to help decide who wins, your money goes directly to the winning startup.

Post Pitch Entertainment

Following the contest local bands will be performing, as drinks and cocktails are served. We will be able to enjoy a two great bands that are currently on tour around the country, Medic & Paper Lights, and have the opportunity to network with a broad range of people from around the state.

Why Come & What’s The Cost?

Whether you want to help a startup raise capital, just network, or are looking meet investors from around the country, The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE is all about helping new startups grow, all while having a fun evening!

Tickets only cost $30 – and that includes your first round of drinks. 

If you can’t make it in person, the event will also be LIVE STREAMED and you can access the feed for just $10.

Join us for the first Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE with bands, drinks, great speakers and networking opportunities.

EP19: Shane Liddel From SmartCrowdfunding On How To Have A Great Campaign

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First off CEO of Smart Crowdfunding Shane Liddel explains important factors in having a successful campaign. Then we here a live pitch for the X-Stand, and Monica Selby talks about Nashville Faith and Work Summit.

EP13: Equity Crowdfunding Discussion; Pitches From Thimble & Jessica Martindale

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In this action packed episode, San Francisco angel investor Manny Fernandez talks equity crowdfunding & the JOBS Act, then Oscar Pedroso pitches Thimble, and amazing new way to learn about robotics, software and hardware! Next we have amazing artist Jessica Martindale pitch her new album!

Listen to the show then check out these amazing campaigns!

EP12: Live Pitches From Ario Living & Bomboard

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On the radio show this week we have live pitches from Ario Living and Bomboard. First we hear from Brian Hoskins about how their new invention enables you to use light to sync your body clock, improve healthy living, and even help your sleep schedule. Next we hear from John West, CEO of Bomboard, all about their new water craft that can literally be taken apart and put in your trunk! He also shares his personal background and tips about how to be a successful entrepreneur. As a veteran, he is also giving a portion of all proceeds to Wounded Warriors as a way to give back to our soldiers!

Check out the videos below then go to their campaign pages to learn more.

Crowdfunding Pitch Show EP8: David Wilson Pitches Jamblaster

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In this pitch episode David Wilson pitches their amazing new product the Jamblaster, that allows play music with others live in sync remotely, record pro quality audio, broadcast video performances, teach/take online lessons & more! You can even do live Youtube broadcasts with multiple camera angles, all through Jamblaster.

Check out their campaign here after listening to the pitch!

Special Episode: Smart Crowdfunding & Clickable Prototypes

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In this special Thanksgiving episode Shane Liddell CEO of Smart Crowdfunding tell his story helping 100’s of startups have successful campaigns, and Kenn Palm, CEO of Pilgrim Consulting talks about entrepreneurship, investing, and how clickable prototypes are essential for tech startups.

Crowdfunding Pitch Show EP 7: Kanga Hoodie & The Grove

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This week we had Vincent Bradley from Flashfunders come on the show to talk about equity crowdfunding and it’s impact on traditional investment. Then were joined by Gabe Blanchet founder of GroveLabs.IO to talk about their invention, the Grove Ecosystem. An amazing way to turn your house into a self-contained ecosystem to grow your own food!

Next we had founder of Kickshark, Jack Campbell on to talk about their latest campaign the Kanga Hoodie, a great new spin on the hoodie concept! You can even put your laptop into your hoodie pockets. Fantastic new invention!

Check out their campaigns below!

Crowdfunding Pitch Show EP 6: Torch & Hypercharge Hub

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This week we had two awesome pitches. First for the Hypercharge Hub an amazing new invention that accelerates charging of mobile devices by 50%.

Next we learned about an innovative new router than enables parents to control what their children can access online, and even set up time limits per child.