Thank you for reading, the voice of startups everywhere else, and being part of the “everywhere else” community. One of the reasons has made such an impact is because we get in the trenches and on the road to see entrepreneurs across the country at events, co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators, demo days or just startup tours.  All of this is part of our “sneaker strapped road trip” which we are chronicling in a book being published  in Q4 2013.

Aside from the two month break we took to plan The Startup Conference we’ve spent the better part of 3 weeks of every month on the road. To date we’ve seen over 800 startups in 75 different cities.

Anyone who’s seen us in action knows that we get to the story, and cover the startups from wherever they are “everywhere else”. We work like starving entrepreneurs because we are. We never stop and keep on pushing. At CES, SXSW and the recent TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 we published over 50 stories, most with video, at each event. At OneSpark, the crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville Florida we published over 30 stories.

At Disrupt in May we got to meet and tell the stories of startups from Pittsburgh, Florida, Washington DC, New York, Brazil, Dallas and more.

It was all made possible from generous support from entrepreneurs and startup supporters who understand our mission, to tell the stories of startups everywhere. Startup Grind ChicagoStartup Grind PhiladelphiaVideojuice.coBenjamins DeskSpeekThe Factory in Florida ,LockerDomeBonfyre and great individuals like you have helped keep the nibletz dream alive and the sneaker strapped road trip, on the road.

We can’t do this alone and 90% of our funding has come from entrepreneurs and startups from the towns or cities we’ve visited, knowing that we’re doing whatever we can for startups “everywhere else” in hopes that they can continue to work at home, if they so choose.

We’ve got several ways you can get involved with nibletz, support our mission and your mission at the same time. Our Sneaker strapped sponsorships are quick “attaboys” and are listed below.

Local businesses to your startup community, startup support organizations, startup resources and startups themselves can check out our parnters page for some great partnership opportunities that help our mission and yours as well. They’re filling up fast though. Partners are typically, startups that market to startups, accelerators, incubators, EDC’s, chambers, accounting firms, law firms and PR firms all that support startups “everywhere else” and specifically their community. Find out more about these partnerships here.

Here are our “Sneaker Strapped Supporters”

Thanks for the taco!

A taco from Chipotle or Mo’s. We used to laugh when someone would say that Chili’s or Friday’s, was going out to a nice dinner, that was until the point that we risked it all to become startup entrepreneurs. Now a simple taco from Chipotle or Moe’s is a well rounded meal that fills you up. For this $10 sponsorship we’ll thank you on social media (to our 130,000 followers) with a link to your existing story on nibletz or your website.  Of course, Paypal allows you to buy more than one taco at a time, and thanks so much!

A Tank of Gas and a Thank You! $50

We are now back in full swing on the sneaker strapped startup road trip and all the gas money we can get helps! With this $50 support donation we’ll give you a “shot out” in one of our startup videos, list you on a thank you page on with a link to your site and if we’ve done one, your story on nibletz (hint get featured on nibletz by clicking here) and we’ll also tweet you out a couple of times. All in all though, thank you so much we can’t do it without you!

Hotel Money $200

Are you one of those people that sleeps better knowing your friends are safe? Our $200 hotel money support donation makes sure that we can stay in a hotel with working wi-fi and if you have to see us in person on a trip, a good hot shower. We’re a startup not prima-donnas so your $200 hotel money support donation often finds it’s way to Super 8’s, Econo Lodges, and have you seen the new Red Roof Inns (it’s like 4 star rooms for 1 star pricing). Often times we can get 2-3 nights out of one hotel money donation.

We’ll write your name on the wall at the hotel. Ok no we won’t really, we’ll definitely tweet a thank you pic from the hotel, we’ll also list you on our thank you page with links to your site and your story on nibletz (get featured on nibletz by clicking here).

For this though we’ll also give you 20 tweets (over 125,000 twitter followers) over the course of a week with whatever you want to say (that’s appropriate).

From the bottom of our hearts we will thank you!, and you can send a stuffed animal for Nick to sleep with.

We’ve had some really gracious sponsors over the past 18 months. Tom Denison, the guys from Referral SaaSquatch, Jimmy Dickey and more who’ve stepped up with $1000 which goes a long long way. With this support donation you’ll receive a startup village booth at The Startup Conference, you’ll also get a Nibletz 10″ iPad case, Nibletz stylus, t-shirt and nibletz hoodie. Yes you will be the super fan.

We’ll also write a story about how great you are for doing this and how great your startup is. We’ll throw in 50 tweets to support the story and add you to our video coverage for one of the “Bigger” events we cover.


If your looking for something more formal check this out