Meshin Recall: A Valuable Tool For Startups, Business And Everyone Else

Meshin, a Paolo Alto based s┬átart up and part of Xerox’s Paolo Alto Research Center, has released a valuable tool for startups, business and everyone in between. The tool called Meshin Recall, is currently available for Android smartphones and is in beta for iPhone.

Meshin Recall leverages your calendars and Evernote and ties them together to give a consistently flowing, easily indexed and accesible way to recall your notes in Evernote. By tying Evernote notes to your calendar you have an organized way of recalling the notes later, and of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Meshin’s founders Chris Holmes and Kristen Galliani, are doing vast amounts of research on semantics and the way people use the tools that they use everyday and making them more productive. Categorizing notes may seem like a menial task but so far it’s been the most effective. Everyone can tag notes in Evernote but the tagging system in Evernote is about as effective as hashtagging on Twitter. What do I mean by this? Well with Evernote you can tag a not any way you’d like, but once you have the freedom to so broadly tag your notes, it gets as hard to recall as the note itself.

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