T-Mobile Stores Prepare For Samsung Galaxy Note


Although it still has yet to be officially announced by the powers that be at both Samsung and T-mobile, T-Mobile stores across the country have started displaying these co-op advertising posters which prominently display the 5″ Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note released earlier this Spring and exclusively on AT&T and their new 4G network.

The Galaxy Note was actually announced last year at the IFA trade show in Berlin Germany last September. Samsung introduced the device as a disruptive new category between phone and tablet which were affectionately called Phoneblets or Phablets by the mobile tech media.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was the last Android device that I personally carried and quickly found it was a breeze to post blog posts from it. In fact we used it exclusively to publish content on our old site and this one from SXSW back in March.

Many Android and mobile sites have showed leaked pics of the T-Mobile branded device, however this picture isn’t even a poster in a tube or a back room. Our source snapped the picture directly from the wall of their Texas based T-Mobile corporate store.

T-Mobile Announces $4 Billion Deal To Bring LTE-Advanced In The Next 2 Years

T-Mobile is now the only major US carrier that isn’t offering any LTE devices right now. They’re also the smallest major US carrier, and they’re the only one that still doesn’t have the beloved iPhone (which turned out to be less of a carrier-gold-mine than expected after all). However, they have great prices, so customers keep their contracts and are happy to use T-Mobile. However, T-Mobile still has room to improve in their service reliability and availability, and one of the ways they can do this is by finally adding LTE into the mix.

Today, the Senior Vice President of Technology for the company announced that T-Mobile is, in fact, working on LTE–and it’s LTE-Advanced at that. Nokia Siemens and Ericson have worked a deal out with T-Mobile that will allow them to fuel their network improvement over the next two years with a 4 billion dollar investment. This investment will help T-Mobile add HSPA+ to 400 more networks, bring 37,000 of them up to date, and push their LTE-Advanced equipment into usage. T-Mobile fans rejoice. There is no word on exactly when LTE will hit T-Mobile, but this 2-year timeframe is a start. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on T-Mobile’s steady improvements and upgrade to LTE.

T-Mobile Starting BOGO Promotion This Weekend Through Memorial Day

We’ve been waiting for one of those big buy one, get one free promotions at T-Mobile. They typically hold this kind of sale for one day only like Valentine’s day or Father’s day. This year the fourth largest carrier in the US is holding their BOGO event starting today (Friday May 18th) through Memorial Day Weekend (May 28th).

The promotion is working the exact same way that it has in the past. If you buy one new smartphone, and sign up for a new 2 year agreement, you get the second smartphone of equal or lesser value free. Of course the second smartphone also has to be signed up for a new two year contract.

This time around T-Mobile is calling the promotion “Magenta Deal Days” and offers a mail in rebate card for up to $329 towards the cost of the second phone.

That includes the new HTC One S and all of T-Mobiles 4G lineup of smartphones.HTC® One™ S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G, HTC Radar™ 4G, Sonic® 4G Mobile Hotspot and the Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze™ 4G.

“Our latest ‘Magenta Deal Days’ promotion continues our commitment to giving our customers the ability to enjoy all the 4G experiences of a smartphone on our best plans ever,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “What’s better than getting one of the sleekest, fastest 4G devices on the market? That would be getting two for the price of one.”

Source: MobileBurn